100 Điều Cần Làm Trước Khi Học Trung Học

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As a seedjustice.org College student, you have the ability khổng lồ earn a degree or certificate from one of our six areas of study to lớn prepare yourself for employment or transfer lớn a 4-year institution.

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Recently, seedjustice.org College created program maps for each degree, showcasing a term-by-term sequence of courses along with a preview of tư vấn services. We invite you to lớn explore Program Maps và reach out khổng lồ the Welcome Center or Advising to lớn begin your seedjustice.org journey. Program Maps


Advanced Manufacturing and Mechanical:

Do you lượt thích to work with your hands? vì chưng you enjoy tinkering and exploring the inner working of things? seedjustice.org College’s Advanced Manufacturing and Mechanical area of study takes you out of the classroom và into shop environments that simulate real-world work settings.

Discover More About Advanced Manufacturing and Mechanical

Business & Entrepreneurship:

Today’s fast-paced business & office environments need people who are able to lớn adapt lớn new technology, work with a variety of people, và understand the marketplace. seedjustice.org College’s Business & Entrepreneurship programs give students the skills to work as administrative assistants, managers, or even lớn run their own companies.

Discover More About Business and Entrepreneurship

Creative và Communication Arts:

Whether your creative interests involve designing, communicating, performing, or producing, you’ll find a trang chủ in our Creative và Communication Arts area of study. seedjustice.org College offers an Associate in Fine Arts degree that gives students a rare opportunity khổng lồ start a fine art path at a community college.

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Health Care and Biosciences:

Pursue your passion for helping others through seedjustice.org College’s Health Care & Biosciences programs. As the trang chủ to one of the oldest and most respected nursing programs in the region, seedjustice.org has an established reputation as a premier trainer of health care professionals. We don’t stop there—our programs prepare you for a range of settings, including trang chủ care, hospitals, medical offices, pharmacies, dental offices, và more.

Discover More About Health Care và Biosciences

Public Service, Society, and Education:

Do you feel called khổng lồ serve those around you? bởi you want khổng lồ make an impact on the world? At seedjustice.org College, you can explore human behavior, culture, & social issues while preparing yourself for a career in education or public service. This area of study is for students who are committed khổng lồ changing lives & making a difference in the world.

Discover More About Public Service, Society, and Education

Science, Technology, and Engineering:

Are you a curious, analytical problem-solver who likes lớn explore how things work? You’d be at home in the Science, Technology, và Engineering area of study, where students gain hands-on, real-world experience—doing everything from studying microbes khổng lồ designing rockets khổng lồ trouble-shooting computer networks.

Discover More About Science, Technology, & Engineering

Transitional Studies:

Whether you want to lớn earn a high school diploma, take the GED test, learn English, or gain skills lớn be college or work ready.

Discover More About Transitional Studies

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Exceptional Faculty Awards

Six outstanding members of seedjustice.org College’s faculty have been recognized for their contributions khổng lồ the college with a 2021 seedjustice.org College Exceptional Faculty Award.

Learn More About Exceptional Faculty Awards

College & University Transfer

seedjustice.org College offers many degrees that can act as the foundation of advanced degrees. Learn more about transferring your credits to lớn another college or university.

High School Dual Credit Programs

seedjustice.org College offers many ways for you to earn college credit while enrolled in high school. Find out more about the programs below.

If you are looking khổng lồ earn a high school diploma or a GED from seedjustice.org College, we have programs available for you, learn more by visiting the transitional studies department.

Specialty Programs

eLearning: online, hybrid classes, & programs tư vấn and information. International Programs: provides tư vấn services & opportunities for students studying at seedjustice.org College who are residents of other countries.

Running Start: take one or more college classes for credit towards your high school diploma & get college credits. Some students earn an AA degree while enrolled và graduating from their local high school.

English as a Second Language (ESL): gain reading, writing, listening & speaking English skills for college & careers. These classes are for adult immigrants and refugees.

High School Diploma or GED: we offer CAP classes that prepare you for the GED, & High School+ a program that takes into tài khoản your prior life, work và school experiences for high school credit towards your diploma.