3 Homme Et Un Couffin

Famous à la being the French cinématique which was remade into thé American 1987 graph topper le3 Menand a bébé directed by Leonard Nimoy, Trois hommes et une couffin is additionally one of the many successful comedies to have been made in France. Itattracted an audience de 10.3 million on its first release in 1985 and provideda gros boost to thé career of the climate comparatively low-profile auteurfilmmaker Coline Serreau, who adhered to this through a well-known romantic dramaRomuald rang Juliette (1989).

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A astute satire nous fatherhood the is both poignant et funny, the film haspretty well the same plot as the American remake, but comes at it froma different, slightly more acerbic, perspective.When the cinématique starts, thé arrival ns the baby is a causer for bitterness acrimony, cook argumentsand intensif discomfort parce que le the 3 bachelors. Yet, despite this, the three mensoon end up being attached to thé infant et even end up arguing with each other over who shouldattend to her. Cette is this emotionally intensity which gives this cinématique far, tarif morecredibility et impact than auto American version, which sacrifices authenticity parce que le somecheap gags.Although the French cinématicien has part terrific comic situations, the humour does not underminethe real-life râpé which is the film"s main focus. The cinématicien is about comment threehedonistic young men manage venir cope through the devoir of fatherhood. Offered bythree magnificent performance from its 3 lead actors, the film shows comment the arrivalof a child deserve to completely change their lives and their behaviour, calling right into questionassumptions about auto role of masculin in kid raising.With typically français subtlety, and with the minimum of sentimentality, trois hommeset une couffin is simultaneously année engaging, funny and thought-provoking pièce ofcinema. Almost two decades on, Serreau readily available up a sequel, 18 années après (2003),although this has actually nothing favor the collision of the original film and is une ofthe director"s couple of misfires.
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Film Synopsis

Pierre, Jacques et Michel are three bachelors who contentedly live togetherin a taille apartment ideal at the heart of Paris. In the arttasters ofa party une evening Jacques agrees à take delivery ns a package that a friendwill deliver auto following day. Not longue after Jacques has actually jetted offfor a few weeks" holiday in the tarif East, thé package arrives - and Pierreand michel are surprised to find ce is a baby, supposedly Jacques"s own daughter.The girl"s mother Sylvie was forced venir send the bébé on venir its father becauseit interfered with elle work. Through Jacques not tandis que to return for threeweeks, Pierre and Michel room left holding the baby, and have a steep learningcurve ahead of them. Seul when jambe couldn"t comprendre any worse, theyreceive autre unexpected parcel - a parcel containing a gros consignmentof difficult drugs...

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