7 rue du bourg l abbé 75003 paris

Les Bains is a distillation of the le meilleur Paris has to offer. à be enjoyed day and night, cette is a 5-star boutique Hotel, a neo-bistro through outdoor patios, a spa, legendary bar, mythical nightclub, année avant-garde scene, and a want-everything idée store.

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A consummate experience, it"s a hybrid an are reviving thé legendary nightclub from thé 80s, marqué also a luxury hotel, restaurant and cocktail bar.




White marble, exotic woods, works du art, antiquarian books et bespoke furnishings. Every pièce stands alone.

Roxo"s Franco-Brazilian cuisiner is influenced de his two worlds. Make cette intimate. Make it festive. It toutes les personnes depends nous the hour et your mood.
The life ever Parisian Spa, created in 1885, has actually revisited and reissued that is heritage circuits électoraux of signé fragrances and personal treatment products.
A treasure trove ns intoxicating fragrances, skincare, fragrant candles, exclude, collaborations, design pieces and artwork curated par us pour you.

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The beating love of esquive Bains, manned passant par a squadron de fierce mixologists. Wicked cocktails, finger food et entrancing beats.
Always at thé forefront of the newest trends, Le club has something à la everyone with DJ sets, concerts et a one of a kind atmosphere.
Vitality pool, steamrooms, dedicated spa treatments, yoga et healthy food: a restorative montant of be safe in thé heart du Paris. Tous the meilleur to head back venir Roxo et Le Club and do it all again.
Created in 1885, les Bains Guerbois was page daccueil to the city’s most renowned private thermal baths. One could find thé Parisian elite et end-of-century dilettantes sauce soja deftly depicted par Marcel Proust, likewise a continual client. Beside from les Bains, the Guerbois family also owned the famous “Café Guerbois” in the area currently known oui Batignolles. A moyeu of intellectual activity, immortalized passant par Zola et Manet, the cream of Parisian artists et thinkers, indigenous Renoir venir Monet, would certainly gather there. Auto building itself, an architectural marvel, to be designed by a diriger architect de the time, Eugene Ewald. In 2016, owner Jean-Pierre Marois breathed new tons into das Bains Guerbois, producing a sensuous et sensorial fragrance collection et personal care line, impeccable products fabriqué in la france using thé finest ingredients.

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In 1978, thé building underwent a revolution. Indigenous spa à rock concert venue, restaurant and nightclub: esquive Bains Douches. Ce had discovered its calling. A cultural et social agence in the heart de Paris, LBD was thé absolute reference à la clubbing and the art of living. The global epicenter pour media, performance et the arts. Its well known checkerboard dancefloor par Philippe Starck to be constantly hosting auto likes ns Grace Jones, Catherine Deneuve, jack Nicholson, Sean Penn, Johnny Depp, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Françoise Sagan. Everybody, basically. Depeche Mode, facile Minds, joie Division, also Prince, played shows to small audiences pack with the likes du Andy Warhol, Jean-Paul Gaultier et Karl Lagerfeld.

In 2015, esquive Bains was once again transformed, ont a 5-star hotel. 39 generous, one-of-a-kind guest rooms and suites to be born. Auto infamous nightclub and Roxo restaurant and bar opened up their doors to travelers and Parisians. The mythical swimming bassin from les Bains Douches has actually been restored à its d’origine glorious state. Present somewhere in between boutique and art gallery, the beauty store across the street offers thé fragrance et personal treatment lines produced uniquely for esquive Bains Guerbois. In addition, to exclude, collaborations inspired de the Bains universe are available: one-of-a-kind collections, unique brouillon pieces, fashion, art, books et music.