Adele when we were young

Adele speak ‘When nous Were Young,’ Jeff Buckley impacter in new Interview

“I prefer Chvrches a lot. Ns like Grimes a lot,” singer says of current favorites

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Adele stopped passant par Sirius XM parce que le a wide-ranging interview about her influences, motherhood and her upcoming album '25.'

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Only 4 days remain avant Adelereturns with elle much-anticipated nouveau LP 25, et today auto singer stopped passant par Sirius XM for a wide-ranginginterview about elle influences, motherhood and her upcoming album. During auto chat, Adele spoke at length about “When nous Were Young,” a song that she previewedSunday on60 Minutes.

“It was based nous us gift older, et being at a party at this house, and seeing everyone the you’ve ever fallen out with, everyone the you’ve ever loved, everyone that you’ve never loved, and stuff choose that, where tu can’t find auto time venir be in each other lives,” Adele said of the track, which to be co-written de Tobias Jesso Jr. “And you’re toutes les personnes thrown together at this party when you’re choose 50, et it doesn’t matter and you oui so much fun et you feel prefer you’re 15 again. Haricot de soja that’s auto kind of vibe of ce really.”


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Adele revealed that her favori lyric conditions météorologiques the surveiller is “You look favor a movie / elle sound favor a souper / mien god this reminds me of when conditions météorologiques were young.”

Adele likewise talked around which existing artists elle listens to as well as her go-to album when she’s sad. “I like Chvrchesa lot. I like Grimesa lot. Those are thé ones who are ma favorites that are fairly new,” Adele said. “I try à listen to musique that could uplift mebut i don’t really attach with it. So mainly, Jeff Buckley. Et that’s been ma entire sapin I’ve excellent that. Je remember fallout’s out with my meilleur friend when i was like seven et listening à Jeff Buckley, because my mom to be a huge fan. Grace has always been roughly me.”

Elsewhere in thé Siriux XM interview, thé singer also discussed corps image, her favori part around being a mommy andpromisedthat she will perform spectacle in soutien of 25. “I will be doing U.S. Shows, at least as many je did last time, i m sorry wasn’t that many, soja don’t volonté too excited,” Adele joked, referencing sa 2012 U.S. La tour that was canceled en raison de to a vocalique cord hemorrhage.