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Les aires d"autoroute - Info and tips à la motorists

FrenchMotorwayservice areas

FrenchMotorways are really well provided à la in terms de Service Areas,known oui "Aires" jaune "Aires ns service". Distances à upcoming serviceareas, together with pictograms indicating the service provided, areindicated at continual intervals nous the motorways. So too are fuel costsat service areas venir come.The first mission to note, however, isthat full service areas space not the only points at which motorists canstop pour a break on the french motorway system. Far more regular thanfull-scale service areas are much smaller "aires ns repos" which space inessence seulement off-road parking bai areas where motorists can brisant for abreak, a picknick jaune other essentials. Marqué whatever the belles of "aire"that is coming up, the prestations de service provided room always clearly indicatedin advance, with défaut pictograms. Below is a guider to je vous demande pardon you deserve to expect à find at the differentstopping point along french motorways.a)Fullmotorwayservice areas.
Wellindicated in advance, full motorway services areas administer a broad rangeof facilities pour motorists. Oui well ont offering a pour it until it is full station(petrol, diesel and sometimes LPG), full motorway prestations de service areas oui atleast one restaurant, probably more, a snack bar, a café, atleast oneshop selling a range de products pour the traveller, includingsandwiches, drinks, newspapers, and maybe more. There are additionally ofcourse toilets and sometimes shower facilities. In traveler areas, thereis often a shop selling local specialities and guidebooks, and theremay well likewise be a tourist informations point. Examples are the aire du Poulet aux Bresse,near Bourg-en-Bresse conditions météorologiques the A39, or the région de l"Aveyron,north de Millau, nous the A75 motorway. More and more complete motorwayservice locations are now equipped with cost-free access wi-fi. Toutes les personnes big service areas oui ample parkingfacilities,and often a landscaped area with chairs et tables parce que le picnicks. Mosthave an outdoor children"s jouer area. Some even come with touristattractions included; one such example is auto Archeodrome, located onthe main A6Beaune-Tailly prestations de service area,in Burgundy, which has actually replicas du neolithic huts, a group ofmedieval dwellings, a Gallo-Roman house, et other historicreconstructions.

Frenchmotorway hotels:

There room not a de nombreux of motorway many hotels in France;by"motorway hotels", nous mean hotels that are actually located nous motorwayservice areas. ►Book online: is partnered through leadingdiscount hôtel booking portals booking.comand Thelinks listed below will take amie to une ofthese well-established portals, for reliableonline booking at the best discounted rates available. Theseeasily-accessible hotels are regularly full, particularly pour motorists whoturn up without a reservation, et advanced booking is is highlyrecommended. Advanced internet booking also means plenty du discountedoffers that space not available to travellers who seul show increase at thedoor.

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MotorwayandregionServiceareaand hotel:
Thistable seul shows many hotels actuallyon motorway rest areas. à la routemaps and more many hotels seebelow
A1southbound (Lille - paris )Half method between Calais et Paris jaune Belgium and Paris.

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AireAssevillers OuestIbisstyles hôtel (***) on southbound side. Foot access fromnorthbound.
A6 northboundonly (Lyon-Paris) - BurgundyAuxerre sudAire Soleil Levant Ibishotel (**)
A6 (ParisLyon) : BurgundyMacon - St.Albain HotelLa Salle
A36 (Mulhouse- Beaune): Franche ComtéBesançonMarchaux Ibishotel (**)
A39 (Dijon -Bourg en Bresse) - BurgundyCuiseaux -Aire ns Poulet ns Bresse Ibisbudgethotel (**)
A40 (Macon-Bourg - Geneva) - Rhone AlpesBourg enBresse - Jasseron Ibishotel **
A46/ E 15 Lyon orbit motorway eastern (Between A6 and routes south) Mionnayservice area - northbound page Ibisbudgethotel (**) - accessible both directions
A71 (ParisOrleans -Clermont -Ferrand -Béziers) AuvergneAire des Volcans d"Auvergne. 37 km north ofClermont plan ** Hoteldes Volcans quiet hotel with good views
A75 (Free - ClermontFd. - Béziers) - AuvergneLempdes, 30 mins south du Clermont Ferrand.No services area, cible HotelEvan right nous exit 20
A75(Free - ClermontFd. - Béziers) - Midi PyreneesL"Hospitalet-Aire ns Larzac -P"tit-Dejhotel **
A9 (Orange -Spanish border) - LanguedocMontpellier-Fabrègues Ibishotel (**)
A9 (Orange -Spanish border) - LanguedocAire duVillage Catalan, s de Perpignan. Hotel**
A10 (Paris -Bordeaux) Poitou CharentesAirePoitou-Charentes nord. Vouillé, deux Sèvres (400km native Paris) HotelIbis styles
A61(Toulouse Narbonne) Midi-PyreneesAiredu Laurageais FasthotelLa Couchée (**)
A 63 (Bordeaux- N10 - Biarritz) AquitaineAire BordeauxCestas HotelCampanile **
►►►►For much more MOTORWAY HOTELS- handily sited close toexits, inspect out these cheminement maps:b)Smaller prestations de service areasAs well indicated as the full service areas, cible with less pictogramson thé advance information signs, smaller services areas are comparable tolarge (or also not soja large) petrol pour it until it is full stations on other roads.They space essentially seulement fuel stops, with a snack payot /café, toilets,and commonly a small shop selling essentials such as snacks, busicuits,and drinks.c)Parking areas - rest areas (aires aux repos) Designated in advance ont "Aire du .....", these place de stationnement areas aresituated nous average about every 25 kilometres. They are usuallyunmanned, et are seulement places where motorists can oui a pause on theirjourney. Infrastructure are limite to toilets, normally unheated. Theyare designated with the étendard P pictogram pour parking, + auto toilet(or for Americans, washroom) pictogram, et perhaps the picnic areapictogram. They pouvez or peut faire not ont a telephone kiosk.d)Secure truck/ HGV parking areas on french motorways