"Ark: Survival of the Fitthử nghiệm was for us an experiment," says Studio Wildcard"s co-founder Jeremy Stieglitz. "It started as a mod & it was pretty cool & pretty fun. I lot of these games that are very successful—like PUBG, like, you know, Counter-Strike or DotA—originate as mods và can switch over lớn standalone titles."

Having begun life as a hack, Ark: Survival of the Fitchạy thử became a free-to-play standalone game in early năm nhâm thìn. As a promising battle royale-type venture—in a world prior khổng lồ the likes of PlayerUnknown"s Battlegrounds—it failed to take off and was later "reintegrated" inlớn the main Survival Evolved game.

According to Steam Spy"s data, less than 300 people played Ark: Survival of the Fittest concurrently yesterday—whereas over 350,000 took to the wargrounds of PUBG simultaneously. Given the unexpected, astronomical success of Brendan Greene"s similarly styled battle royale game, I asked Stieglitz where he thinks SotF went wrong, và whether or not Studio Wildcard will revisit it down the line.

"We thought Survival of the Fittest would have that potential based on the fact that it was a pretty fun gian lận & there were a decent number of players. It never quite caught on as a standalone, even as a free-to-play which of course means it should larger numbers of players," Stieglitz explains. "We didn"t want to charge something lượt thích that anyway—it"s not our intent to lớn charge for that kind of game and also, frankly, our primary priority was and is developing Ark: Survival Evolved.

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"It was an experiment that didn"t catch on but we bởi think there"s a fun game there. We"ve debated many times why it didn"t quite hit the sweet spot when similar games—you might hotline them aremãng cầu survival games, of some sort—have really taken off. Especially recently with PlayerUnknown"s game and also King of the Kill."

Stieglitz says he"s unsure of where Survival of the Fittest fits into lớn today"s landscape, but that a lack of resources have prevented he & his team from reinvigorating the game as it stands. Stieglitz suggests the fact SotF"s slow-paced, complex và hour-long battles mean its hard for players khổng lồ drop in và out in the same way they can in PUBG—but the fact Ark includes dinosaurs is nevertheless appealing lớn the battle royale genre.

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He continues: "I don"t know it"d be as big as PlayerUnknown"s title, but I think dinosaurs are very agreeable khổng lồ a general audience và they"re cool in a PvPhường environment. Everytoàn thân understands how powerful a T-Rex is compared to lớn, say, a rapture. That"s a very intuitive sầu thing—it"s a good spectator game in fact. However, it really comes down to focus right now. We"re a very small team relative sầu to what we try khổng lồ vì chưng - we"ve got about 30-some people in our core team—và it"s difficult for us khổng lồ develop Ark: Survival Evolved and Survival of the Fitkiểm tra at the same time.

"Honestly, I guess we"ll have to see. Once Ark: Survival Evolved"s core game is out the door in August, even then we"re going to lớn want to see what we can vị with the mechanics. We plan many core gameplay updates for the foreseeable future. If somewhere in there we can find a group of people, however, who would want khổng lồ take SotF forward, we probably would be interested in working something out."


Stieglitz notes that the team originally working on Survival of the Fitchạy thử were better versed in the technical side of the game as opposed khổng lồ thiết kế. He admits Studio Wildcards has "toyed" with the idea of revisiting it, but that it"s most likely khổng lồ be kickstarted if they find the right developer externally, or if that developer finds them.

"If we were lớn revisit it, we have lớn bởi vì so & ask: bởi vì we rebuilt it entirely or vị we find a team that can take it forward," Stieglitz adds. "That"s what it really comes down to: it"s not that I don"t think there"s a good idea there, I bởi vì, but someone"s got to actually make it. And we"re a little too small khổng lồ make it at the same time as Ark: Survival Evolved.

"I certainly like Survival of the Fitthử nghiệm & I would hate lớn see nothing else come of it. My ability khổng lồ predict the future is obviously pretty bad. Anything could happen I guess I could say."