The Ever Dramatic, Barney Stinson

How I Met Your Mother: Why Barney Is Actually The Show's Main Character There are many fans who believe that Barney would have been the better protagonist of How I Met Your Mother.

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There is only one word to lớn describe Barney Stinson: legen– wait for it –dary! The fifth thành viên of the ensemble that made How I Met Your Mother a massive hit, the character played by Neil Patrick Harris has become instantly recognizable by a legion of fans around the world.

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It could even be argued that Barney eventually overcame his fellow protagonists và stepped into the spotlight more than anyone else. With an immediate charisma và a very intense personality, it does not surprise that sometimes he is more remembered than Ted, Robin, Marshall, và Lily.

The last season of the show was vastly dedicated to Robin và Barney’s romance, with a growing expectation for the day their wedding would come. All this buildup got more intense as episodes went by, only to finally be fast-forwarded & resolved offscreen. We never even get khổng lồ see what happened to lớn him in the future. The màn chơi of disappointment with such a Barney-less finale shows how much he meant khổng lồ the show.

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Barney’s acts give hints of a troubled personality: he constantly desires lớn pursue different women and follows a pretty egocentric ideology.

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However, as the show went on, it was suggested that maybe some unfortunate familial events might be to blame. He didn’t know who his real father was, only lớn later find out that he got separated from him from an early age – they did meet again, but it turned out he had another family khổng lồ everyone"s confusion.

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Although Barney might look lượt thích a womanizer who cares only about himself, he proved time và again that he always had his friends as a priority. He landed Marshall a job twice in places where he worked. When Robin is about to chiến bại her visa for not finding a job, he goes out of his way lớn help her stay in the US, ultimately making a video clip job application for her và getting her a position at Channel 12.

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7 He Is A Meme Factory

Always wearing a sleek suit, Barney tends to lớn speak with body toàn thân language. Being a full theatrical act on his own, Barney"s many one-liners, catchphrases, and pieces of advice, with the addition of Harris’s expressive face, helped create some viral memes. Some even became international meme templates.

In the very first episode, Barney is introduced as the cooler friend of the not-as-cool Marshall and Ted. When Ted first sees Robin, he is too shy & can’t figure out how khổng lồ approach her – và then Barney just asks her “have you met Ted?”

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That is how the love triangle between the three of them started, which would over up being the major plot of the series. He is also kind of the reason why Ted is telling the story in the first place

5 He Becomes A Better Person

Throughout the series, there were many instances where Barney had actions ranging from hilarious khổng lồ just blatantly inconsequential. However, as time went on, he slowly improved and became more mature. In the finale, his monologue holding his newly born daughter showed how much he had grown.

A running gag of the series is that every time anyone asks Barney what his profession is, he just answers “please” with a scoff. In the last season, he finally reveals that his job is PLEASE: lớn “Provide Legal Exculpation & Sign Everything,” which meant that he would become the scapegoat for the company if the business got in trouble.

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The plot thickened when he is shown to be secretly helping the government get his trùm cuối because he was the guy who convinced his ex-girlfriend to break up with him. Talk about plot twist!

3 He Is Relatable

Even if they deny it, everybody wants to be like Barney Stinson: he gets everything he needs, with the confidence of a person who is not afraid of anything. At the same time, his flaws and humanity are constantly reinforced, too. His motivation speeches, even if many of them somewhat immoral, resonate loudly.

There were just so many times when Barney broke the ice or changed the atmosphere completely. While the other characters were more prone to lớn ups & downs, especially when it came khổng lồ romance, he almost never lost his humor. His presence within the main group was always disruptive: the moment he is on the scene, the show gets lighter.

1 He Is The Show’s Breakout Character

Barney is a flashy, sassy, successful guy played by a very charismatic actor. With the avalanche of Barney memes since the series’ pilot, it would be surprising if he had not been a breakout character. Like Bart Simpson or Sheldon Cooper, it is undeniable: he became the face of his series.

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