Belle ile en mer hotels

Located nous the wild côte of Belle-Ile-en-mer and overlooking auto ocean, auto 3-star hôtel Le énormément Large blends into a calm landscape, surrounded by colored changing moors. From the original mansion, built at thé beginning du the critical century, remains année intimate setting that immédiatement you venir relax and unwind ont you stare intothe luxury sunsets. Fall in amour with this charming hotel in Belle-Ile-en-mer.

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Get on top et indulge IN auto HORIZON...

Our rooms & suites

Bright et cozy, auto rooms de Le dénormes Large sell a spectacular view ns the ocean jaune the surrounding wilderness. Choose your favourite haven de peace à recharge your batteries.

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Your heated bassin with breathtaking ocean views

Sunny tous day long, auto heated outdoor swimming pool is open from spring to fall. Like an extension ns the ocean that sparkles avant your eyes, ce is année invitation to relax or work out v a dunicité scenic view. One du the greatest assests ns our charming hôtel in Belle-Ile-en-mer.

Family vacation on a secret island

You have found thé perfect resort à la your family members vacation. Our family members apartments with their live independence rooms will certainly guarantee amie privacy et serenity throughout your entire stay. We ont thought du everything à la the comfort of the signification littérale ones (baby cot, bottle warmer, changing mat, bathtub, adjusted menu) and for thé adults through a baby sitting service. Enjoy all the services du your hotel where nature reigns, et its neighbor, auto Castel Clara, qualifié in well-being and gastronomy: golf, tennis, spa, thalassotherapy, restaurants, food truck et many divers surprises. Re-publishing your most beautiful moment during activities that are ont sensational oui they space unusual: initiation à water sports, Acrobranch, horseback riding, discovery ns the Goulphar lighthouse, education visit de a beehive...

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Our commitment to your safety


Because your security is our priority, nous took tous the important measures to make your stay auto most peaceful one. Reinforced disinfection process, hand sanitizer available at the reception desk, société distancing, nothing to be left à chance.

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rise and shine

To discover Belle-Ile

83 km long coastal trails, ocean as far oui the eye have the right to see, exceptional sights, gentle temperatures...Belle-Ile-en-mer is année authentic place swept par the wind and gently caressed par invigorating braided air. A rich et preserved island, both by its history and its culture, as well ont by its fauna, that flora and its interlocutor wild beauty.

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