But Cristiano Ronaldo Euro 2016

When Cristiano tête dhonneur leads Portugal out to affronter Hungary à la their opened Euro 2020 fixture nous 15 June, hey will do so - ont is sauce soja often the caisse - with records prêt to it is in rewritten.

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The 36-year-old, who assisted his nation to thé title in 2016, has actually a strong des boites to be considered thé greatest euro player of tous time.

Ronaldo has actually played more stratagème than anybody rather in thé tournament's history, has scored more goals in qualifiers 보다 anyone else and, if hey scores once this temps out, he will be out conditions météorologiques his own ont the leading scorer in european Championship finals.

So how does he par rapport to the euro greats - et what other nouveau records could hey set?

The goals

Ronaldo is the partagé top scorer in european Championship background with nine goals - in 21 jeu across four different tournaments. Cette is the seulement un player to but at four Euros.

He shares that enregistrer with michelle Platini, that scored nine times for France in five jeu at Euro 1984, cible never play at another. The was the seul European Championship esquive Bleus played at between 1960 and 1992.

How Cristiano Ronaldo and Michel Platini scored your nine european Championship goals

The success

Ronaldo ultimately won a major internationale tournament - miscellaneous that has eluded his old concurrent Lionel Messi - when Portugal beat hosts la france in the Euro 2016 final.

He went la fin injured in auto 25th minute cible bellowed instructions from thé sideline throughout thé game oui they winner 1-0 in extra time.

He is one de 44 players à feature in two European Championship finals - in 2004 and 2016. No one has ever before played in three. Seul Ronaldo and Bastian Schweinsteiger oui played in three semi-finals.

If hey was to win another, that would take him partagé top with ouest Germany's Rainer Bonhof (1972 et 1980) and 12 members de Spain's Euro 2008 et 2012 groups - the seul players à win two European Championships.

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Ronaldo has auto joint-highest num of wins in euros games v 11 - level through Spain's Cesc Fabregas et Andres Iniesta - sauce soja will take the lead this year if Portugal win at least une game.

The longevity


No-one who has actually seen Ronaldo phat will be surprised venir hear hey leads thé way in shots attempted. Cette has had 122 efforts at score in the Euros. In all tournaments due to the fact that 1980 - as soon as such prendre note were life kept - France's tieri Henry is next on auto list... With 52.

The déménage between auto two in shots nous target is closer - Ronaldo, again, is top with 32 - when Henry and Dennis Bergkamp both had 20. Gareth Bale is prochain on 17, from only 26 do the efforts - tous at Euro 2016.

Ronaldo has actually hit auto woodwork 6 times, twice oui often oui anyone else due to the fact that 1980.

He is partagé second for assists in the timeframe, with five - placing him level with five est différent players, including England's David Beckham. Karel Poborsky, du the Czech Republic, top the charts with 6 assists, haricot de soja this is un autre record ronaldo can take this temps out.

Ronaldo has actually attempted 83 dribbles - which, in all tournaments because 1980, puts him second, behind louis Figo. Marqué the Portugal captain seul completed 31, i beg your pardon puts that seventh nous the list.

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What rather is there left à achieve?

Ronaldo's header collection Portugal on the method against Wales at Euro 2016

Portugal 2-1 Netherlands, Euro 2004 semi-final - tête dhonneur headed Portugal into the lead and then collection up Maniche for the second

Portugal 1-0 Czech Republic, Euro 2012 quarter-final - ronaldo capped off année excellent performance with a powerful header previous Petr Cech

Portugal 3-3 Hungary, Euro 2016 group stage - ronaldo scored double - with a top equaliser - oui Portugal come from behind venir avoid being knocked out

Portugal 2-0 Wales, Euro 2016 semi-finals - autre Ronaldo header placed them nous the way against Wales and then his shot was deflected into the net de Nani venir seal auto win

Portugal 1-0 France, Euro 2016 final - even though he was hurt midway with the sapin half, tête dhonneur played a super role nous the sideline, shouting consignes to auto team ont they beat france to win the European Championship

And a few de his lowest euros ebbs...

Greece 1-0 Portugal, Euro 2004 final - Portugal lost the final of their page daccueil tournament à underdogs Greece, with ronaldo missing a great joie to level, shooting over as soon as through on goal

Portugal 2-3 Germany, Euro 2008 quarter-final - Miroslav Klose ghosted far from tête dhonneur to provide Germany a 2-0 lead oui Portugal went out in auto last eight

Portugal 0-0 Spain (2-4 pens), Euro 2012 semi-final - ronaldo waited à take the fifth punish in thé shootout... Cible it never obtained that far ont Portugal lost to your neighbours