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“So, I Married An Anti-Fan” is part of my Idol Actor challenge in that Seohyun (Girl’s Generation) stars in it.

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This film is a Chinese film based on the same titled story by JiWan. Joo Hoon (EXO’s Chanyeol) is an idol which of course means that his private life is not his own business. He is a singer/actor who promotes mostly in Đài Loan Trung Quốc, where Fang Miao Miao (Yuan Shan Shan) reports for a magazine.



Miao Miao is a bad reporter, in that her articles are false. After snapping a photo lớn of Joo Hoon và fellow Korean Idol Irene (Seohyun) having an argument, she gets fired from her job. Instead of searching for other work or spending her time working on the novel she dreams of writing, Miao Miao becomes an “anti-fan”.

Due lớn her mass of hate comments and graffiti, the truyền thông media picks up on her behaviour. She & Joo Hoon’s agency are approached for a We Got Married style programme. Through spending time with each other, the pairs bickering turns gentler & love sầu blossoms between them.



The plot was a little generic và rushed. I’m more interested in the drama with SNSD’s Soo Young as it should be able lớn flesh out more of the plot and characters. However, I just don’t lượt thích the concept of romanticising anti’s. They’re terrible people và their malicious comments can cause idols to lớn commit suicide. As a MeU & a kpop tín đồ I’m just not here for it.

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And it didn’t help that the main character wasn’t very likeable. Instead of thinking “oh I’m also really bad at my job, I should find a new career or better myself” she throws her entire being into lớn hating one person. Yeah, Miao Miao learns what it’s lượt thích to lớn have sầu her boundaries & sense of safety diminished by the press và fans, but how could she (someone who is a reporter!) not understand how suffocating the life of an idol/celebrity can be? She’s part of the problem!

As a package, the editing was a little juvenile & choppy. I understvà that this film is for a younger audience, especially with a well known idol as the lead, but the effects were distracting and often unnecessary. I also got very confused when Chanyeol’s voice was dubbed with his own voice… và the dub didn’t match the mouth… I don’t know if Chanyeol didn’t have sầu the right pronunciation on mix or whether the lines changed in post production. The pacing was also bad, I felt so bored about 40 mins in & I didn’t get much more invested.

The “bad” guy (Jiang Chao) was so clibịt và Seohyun’s acting could have been utilised in a much better way. The whole “we used to lớn date, I chose someone else, but I’m going to play with your feelings & force myself into your personal life”. Vapid doesn’t even cover it.

The one character who I loved was Chanyeol’s “manager” type character Ge (brother in Chinese. I’m so mad I can’t find the actor’s name). He was wonderful and was such a good communicator and made sure some dumb misunderstandings were cleared.

Overall, I was very disappointed with this one. It’s not one I would ever rewatch or recommend.

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day~