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Medical Studies

Dr jolly is a frère trained household Doctor (General Practioner / Médécin Generaliste).

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Her Medical level ( M.B.B.S) is from Guy"s Hospital, London, and she has actually a postgraduate diploma in Obstetrics et Gynaecology (DRCOG) et also a master in général Practice medicine (MRCGP).

Experience in England

Following sa degree, she worked in londres teaching hospitals in les accidents and Emergency medicine, Paediatrics, Obstetrics et Gynaecology, Psychiatry and General Medicine.

Following her postgraduate qualification, elle worked for 2 years ont a partner in a busy GP surgery in Blackheath, London. There she had a personal list of around 2000 patients et worked with 3 other médecins to carry out a high standard of main care.

Experience in Paris

On moving to france she at first worked pour 2 year at the anglais Hospital, Levallois in thé surgical et medical wards à improve sa medical French. After learning auto nuances ns the french medical system and getting à know all the employee at the frère Hospital (Hôpital Franco-Britannique/HFB), she was invited venir start a personal practice à la English speaking patient in 1998 within auto premises du the hospital. Elle was likewise asked à provide Obstetric appointments à la English-speaking females registered venir give bear there.

In November 2018 elle moved elle private exercise to new premises at 7 rue de la Pompe, 75016 Paris.

However, she continues to work parce que le the hôpitaux Franco-Britannique as an Obstetric assistant oz a week for ladies who ont decided venir give birth there.

Other Experience

Dr jolly has worked pour the français office ns a large international Medical assistant company pour 11 years. She, therefore, has experience in managing hospitalisations and repatriations for patients who fall ill whilst travelling.

Dr heureux also on regular basis teaches cours in medical English venir groups of français Doctors, run de the postgraduate department du a parisien medical school.



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Photos courtesy of dr Gunita Jolly. native left à right top: corvée Gunita heureux (Panel Physician)& Francoise Romangas(Head Secretary); Bottom photo:Cabinet du la Muetteclinic staff (from left to right): dr Denise Gunoy(Panel Physician), corvée Fred Preux (Radiologist), dr Fred Zeitoun (Radiologist), corvée Gunita Jolly(Panel Physician), & jane Winfield

Kudos et Thank You parce que le a job Well done with covid vaccinations!

please join us in recognizing auto Cabinet aux la MuetteinFrance for their work et commitment to the U.S. Immigration Program!

Among adult applicants, 100%have to be vaccinated versus COVID-19!

Getting à Know… corvée Gunita Jolly and theCabinet du la silencieux clinic

Q: comment long oui you to be a dashboard physician?

A:I ont been a panel Physician because 2011. Corvée Denise Gunoy joined moi in 2017.

Q: how has COVID-19 impacted your clinic?

A:COVID 19 has actually obviously influenced the tous les jours management du the clinic. We ont had enough PPE parce que le the staff ont well as other security aids. The staff et patients have been respectful ns safety guidelines. Our online directeur has aided et organised most visa patients before arrival at auto clinic haricot de soja we oui minimised threats during this Pandemic. On arrival at auto clinic, our secretaries adhere carefully to safety standards while advising and aiding patient in preparation pour their clinical exams.

Q: comment has her clinic been able venir achieve together high covid vaccination rates?

A: well we have made certain our website explains the need for covid vaccination. We ajouter it to tous reminder emails sent and it is also nous the booking website.So far, soja good! because of this everyapplicant has understood vaccination requirements avant they attend.We don"t offer couronne vaccination in our clinic now ont it is readily accessible in Vaccination centres close by.

Q: How ont you continued to be hopeful and resilient?

A:My personality is normally positive, hopeful, and resilient. Years de experience ont a doctor ont consolidated these characteristics. Ce has been also more considérable during this pandemic to give strength and support to our patients. Working ensemble as an efficient team permits us venir give patients confidence that nous will faire the best for them, especially during these complicated times.

Q: Is there anything else tu feel divers sites would like venir know?

A:Effective teamwork and good contact with ours Radiology et Laboratory team ont always helped nous provide the le meilleur service for patients. Conditions météorologiques speak regularly and try venir meet, when possible, venir discuss cases et support each other. We encourager other panel sites internet to communicate with this departments marqué also to oui a forum of feedback pour patients, sauce soja we deserve to improve services.

The US center for disease Control and Prevention

Important information pour your forthcoming meeting at Cabinet de la Muette

Please cancel your appointment immediately if you have symptoms or signs of infection such oui fever, cough or difficulty breathing.Please carry your very own mask to auto appointment. Ce is obligatory à wear one, andit is additionally obligatory to rub your hands v alcohol gel conditions météorologiques entering the offices.Please be on time. Conditions météorologiques cannot see patient arriving late to avoid crowding ns our waiting room. If you are early, you re welcome wait outside thé office.Please come alone venir your appointment.Please lug your own pen and pay passant par credit card si possible.The toilet infrastructure are uniquely available pour emergenciesPlease note our local Pharmacy, ns pharmacie aux Marché du Passy (2 place de Passy 75116 Paris01 42 88 01 76), can administer masks pour appointments. You need to téléphone portable them in advance et reserve AFNOR masks for an appointment with corvée Jolly or dr Gunoy. They room reusable 10 times.

Quelques précision importantes convoque votre rendez-vous venir Cabinet du la Muette

Merci d’annuler une fois que votre rendez-vous dans certains cas vous présentez des signe infectieux tels que chichement et/ou toux.Merci de arrivées au rdv avec votre posséder masque (il est obligatoire d’en transporter un) et c’est aussi obligatoire aux se frictionner das mains à gel hydroalcoolique dès l"entrée à cabinet.Merci d’arriver à l’heure. Les retardataires ne seront pas reçus convectif ne pas encombrer la salle d’attente. Et aucas vous êtes en acompte il faudra je suis en attente à l’extérieur aux cabinet.Ne pas venir accompagnéMerci de bien vouloir importer votre posséder styloMerci de adjugé de prévision par atlas bancairePour des questions d’hygiène les toilettes sera réservées aux urgences.À condition que la pharmacie ns Marché de Passy (2 place du Passy 75116 Paris01 42 88 01 76) proposer des masques de normes AFNOR agrées par l’etat réutilisable 10 fois. Si vous souhaitez amie en procurer cette faut les appel pour esquive réserver.

Principal Emergency telephone Numbers

112European-wide Emergency number – si you are witness to or involved in an accident or simply aller not know who venir call. They will certainly redirect elle to the appropriate service.
15SAMU Centre(Service d"Aide médical Urgente).Serious emergencies - venir get an emergency clinical team à come in a life-threatening situation, or to be redirected to année on-call medical treatment team.

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17Police intervention
18Sapeurs sapeurs pompiers (firemen/paramedics) Fire, les accidents and medical emergencies. Individuel from feu emergencies the pompier are also there parce que le problems like cardiac arrests, major breathlessness et choking.
114EmergencySMS/Fax number for people v hearing or speaking difficulties who cannot use an ordinary telephone and are angry to or victim de an accidents (fire, roadway accident, suddenly illness, fall)