Crayon Shin-chan: Adventure in Henderland (クレヨンしんちゃん ヘンダーランドの大冒険) is a 1996 Japanese language animated film. It is the fourth instalment of Crayon Shin-chan series. The film is about Shinnosuke and his classmates at Futaba Kindergarten go lớn an amusement park known as Henderland in Gunma Prefecture. Shin-chan is separated from his group và learns the dark secrets of the amusement park when he befriends a living marionette who entrusts to lớn him a magical set of playing cards. Magical and dark forces are phối upon Shin-chan & his family by the lords of the park and he must use the nguồn of the cards and the inner strength & determination of himself, his family, & an unexpected group of friends to lớn save the day.

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The movie aired on Hungama TV on 18 December 2011 as Shin Chan Movie: Adventures In Henderland.

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A prince named Gorman fought with a dragon to lớn save Henderland"s princess Memory Mimori, but got captured by the evil magic of Joma and Makao (who are transgender magicians). Meanwhile, Miss Yoshinaga was telling a princess story to lớn the Futaba kindergarten kids. The school organised a trip lớn a theme park called Henderland and all kids went on a train ride. But soon after, Shinchan got lost & met Cre.G.Mad (who actually was a werewolf). Shinchan then meets Toppema Muppet, a nhảy doll. Shinchan winds her key. Just then Cre.G.mad transformed into a wolf và chased them. After escaping from him, they meet Chokirin, a subordinate of Joma & Makao. She has an erotic appearance which Shinchan gets attracted to. She and Toppema kết thúc up with a magical fight. Shinchan then leaves home. On TV, he sees the Japanese singer and mã sản phẩm Akiko Hinagata who was singing "Six Colors Boy" tuy nhiên (which is the ending theme of this movie). At night Toppema meets Shinchan while he was taking a bath. She explains the evil plans of the transgender magicians và the witches, and requests him to help. Shinchan gets scared và refuses, but she left behind magical cards. Shinchan tested the cards và thought of Akiko Hinagata. She really appeared in front of him in a swimsuit, and Shinchan gets elated. Meanwhile, the witches sent Su Noman Par (a snowman with toàn thân temperature of -100 degree Celsius)to capture shinchan. He reached Kasukabe by train and knows Shinchan"s address with help of Masao. He reached Shinchan"s kindergarten và claimed to be a teacher. Shinchan met him in the washroom và gets scared. Later he saw him in his own house talking with his mom. His dad & mom talked with him till late night và drank beer. Just when all the bottles are finished, the snowman out of magic created two beer cans which after drinking, Misae và Hiroshi fall asleep (he had sleeping pills mixed deliberately).The snowman entered Shinchan"s bedroom to lớn capture the magical cards from him. Shinchan used the magical cards khổng lồ call action Kamen, Quantum Robot and Buri buri Zaemon to fight. (Buri zaemon at first took the rival"s side and charged money,but after receiving few kicks decided to lớn help them.) Their fighting techniques failed, but Shinchan"s plan of rubbing their behinds against the Snowman"s body toàn thân worked. It started melting and it ran away, but left behind a letter inviting Shinchan"s parents to lớn Henderland. The next day, the parents và Shinchan went lớn Henderland. While returning, Shinchan"s parents went khổng lồ the toilet leaving Shinchan behind, & got caught by the Snowman, who sends two magic robotic puppets in place of them. While bathing, Shinchan gets scared when he sees that his parents" genitals were missing. Just then the two attack Shinchan, but in time he was saved by Toppema. She then explained that Shinchan had to lớn go alone lớn Henderland to lớn save his mom and dad from the evil clutches of the magicians. He practices the thẻ magic & goes lớn Henderland alone by train. At first on the rail tracks he confronted Cre.G.Mad who transformed into a wolf. Shinchan used the magic cards lớn transform into a cable train & created a detour rail track which directly led inside the castle gate. Seeing the wolf chase him with a steam train, he again uses cards khổng lồ call action Kamen, Kantam Robot và Buri Buri Zaemon. Buriburi came up with a plan, and opened a way a khổng lồ create an obstacle for Cre.G.Mad clash against him. Unfortunately, the plan fails as there was no one lớn change the way, but at the last minute Toppema changes the wolf"s track & he falls into water . When the wolf was beaten, it loses its shirt và gets transformed into Hiroshi. Shinchan uses cards và for the second time Akiko Hinagata appeared in a swimsuit again (the thoughts of the person holding the magic cards becomes reality), và meets Hiroshi. Shin-Chan then transformed into a plane and began lớn fly over the park but they were followed by Chokirin. He called the trio superheroes but they fell down as it was to heavy to fly. Meanwhile, Toppema diverted Chokirin"s attention and started fighting near a decorative globe. While Shin-Chan và Hiroshi recover from the fall, the balloon bursts & Chokirin only descends. She tries khổng lồ take the letters lớn Shin-Chan but at the last moment Toppema appears, & thanks lớn power of the cards, she gets Chokirin wrapped in a halo of light due khổng lồ which Chokirin gets destroyed but soon Toppema also gets weak and fades out. Shinchan cries và from his tears comes out Misae. The three are directed lớn the castle where Joma & Makao receive them with a dance show. After that Hiroshi becomes an executive salaryman, Misae in a refined housewife dress & Shin-Chan in a Kindergartener"s uniform. They come forward lớn attack Makao và Joma but are repulsed with ease. Then they are challenged to a dance competition where Nohara family wins narrowly by 0.1 marks. Then they are invited khổng lồ a game of cards which Hiroshi won with a great effort. But when Joma và Makao seemed lớn have some evil intention Shinchan used the Joker card & came out Majin, the spirit of wild, who stopped him và explained that lớn defeat Joma & Makao he must reach the vị trí cao nhất of the castle và place the Joker card in the center of the park. After a great persecution, Makao & Joma are destroyed & the castle begins khổng lồ crumble. Luckily they reached an emergency airlock and escaped. Then Snowman Par apparently came khổng lồ attack but princess Memory Mimori casts a spell. The Snowman melts and was discovered that it was the prince. She said that she was actually Toppema & thanked Shinnosuke for his help by him a kiss on his cheek. Then the princess and prince marry happily và Henderland becomes a happy place again. The ending song SIX COLORS BOY is sung by Akiko Hinagata, the Japanese mã sản phẩm and singer, who made a guest appearance in the movie four times.


Tamao Hayashi - Nene SakuradaShinpachi Tsuji - Cre G. Mad


Crayon Shin-chan: Adventure in Henderland was released in japan on April 19, 1996 where it was distributed by Toho.