Crisis On Earth X' On Netflix

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Forget your one-off episode crossovers; the CW & DC have sầu bigger fish to fry. Last year the CW’s Arrowverse unveiled its now-annual crossover even. But instead of featuring special episodes from only a couple of these superhero shows,“Crisis on Earth-X” featured special episodes from Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, và Legends of Tomorrow. All the heavy hitters were there, và now we’re very cthua thảm being able lớn stream the whole thing on Netflix.

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The four-part event takes place in a parallel world called Earth-X. Simply put, things really suchồng on Earth-X. The whole planet is run by a Nazi regime, an archer known as Dark Arrow is the Führer, & this mass of evil is learning about interdimensional travel. The rulers of this alternate world interrupt Barry Allen and Iris West’s wedding in an attempt to take over this new world. That’s when it hits the người. The rest of the sự kiện follows our heroes overcoming Nazis, trying to return to lớn Earth-1, & generally protecting both Earths.

As has covered before, Netflix has a special licensing giảm giá khuyến mãi with the CW. Under this khuyến mãi eight days after a season of a current CW show finishes, that season lands on the streaming giant. Since Season 3 of Supergirl is supposed khổng lồ conclude on June 18, we can likely expect the season to hit Netflix around June 26. But even without Supergirl on Netflix, you can still stream this crossover sự kiện in order. Here’s how.

Supergirl (Season 3, Episode 8): “Crisis On Earth X – Part 1”

“Crisis on Earth X” starts with the CW’s lachạy thử addition khổng lồ the Arrowverse— Supergirl. “Part 1” of the sự kiện is more concerned with putting the pieces of this complicated puzzle into place rather than ramping up the action. At the moment, you can’t watch “Crisis on Earth X— Part 1” on Netflix or the CW. It’s currently only available for digital purchase.

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UPDATE: As of June 27, you can now watch Supergirl Season 3 on Netflix. Now every part of the “Crisis on Earth X” saga is all on one convenient streaming service.

Stream Supergirl, “Crisis on Earth X – Part 1” on Netflix

Arrow (Season 6, Episode 8): “Crisis On Earth X – Part 2”

This is where the CW event starts getting inkhổng lồ the evils of Earth-X, which include Green Arrow’s nefarious doppelgänger. Overall, critics noted that “Part 2” was a slower episode, but you need it to lớn build up to lớn the next big piece. You can watch all of Arrow Season 6 on Netflix.

Stream Arrow, “Crisis on Earth X – Part 2” on Netflix

The Flash (Season 4, Episode 8): “Crisis On Earth X – Part 3”

“Part 3” was the highest rated installment of this sự kiện. After a slower start & a lot of world-building, “Part 3” picked up momentum. This is the episode that sees the Flash and The Ray, who has his own animated CW show, battling alongside each other khổng lồ defeat Red Tornabởi vì. All episodes of The Flash Season 4 are currently on Netflix.

Stream The Flash, “Crisis on Earth X – Part 3” on Netflix

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (Season 3, Episode 8): “Crisis On Earth X – Part 4”

And finally, all good things must eventually come to an over. “Part 4” of “Crisis on Earth X” wrapped up its morally conflicted timeline and even featured a couple of heart-wrenching sacrifices. This episode, along with the lakiểm tra season of Legends of Tomorrow, is on Netflix.