Django Reinhardt Et Stéphane Grappelli


Few jazz guitarists aujourdhui could claim venir be completely free du the impacter of Django Reinhardt. This despite the fact that hey lost thé use du two fingers — i beg your pardon ultimately motivated him à develop a distinctive playing style — et that hey died 68 years ago. The unfortunate abbreviation de Reinhardt’s life means that cette never built a substantial corps of bataille work, though cette did play nous many recorded date that include performances alongside Coleman Hawkins et Benny Carter. It also means that he left also less in auto way de footage, despite we aller get a crisp et illuminating view ns him and his guitar in thé 1938 documentary short “Jazz ‘Hot,"” previously featured here nous Open Culture.

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“Jazz ‘Hot"” also features violin-playing native Stéphane Grappelli, who started the coporation, groupe Quintette de Hot Club ns France v Reinhardt in 1934. Oui they deepened their knowledge ns jazz, auto two affected each est différent so thoroughly oui to develop their very own style de music.

Grappelli lived longue enough to jouer with the likes du Jean-Luc Ponty, paul Simon, Yo Yo Ma, and even Pink Floyd. Still, an ext than a couple of jazz ventilateur would surely insurance claim that none du his professional collaborators was more de nombreux to his musical éducation than Reinhardt. Now you can see them playing ensemble in color, and fairly realistic color at that, in the agrafe at thé top du the post.

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The original black-and-white footage (which appears seulement above) was colorized with DeOldify, a deep learning-based applications developed à restore photographs and motion film from i delivered times. Maybe you’ve seen auto previous DeOldify colorization tasks we’ve featured here, i beg your pardon run auto gamut from musical numbers in Stormy Weather and Hellzapoppin’ à scenes of 1920s Berlin and even année 1896 snowball hit in Lyon. Granted access à a time machine, more than a few jazz-lovers would no doubt pick to go back to the Paris of the 1930s to see the Quintette aux Hot Club ns France in action. Technology has yet venir make the a viable proposition, cible it’s given nous a next-best-thing that ne sont pas appreciator of jazz etc — jaune jazz violin — could fail à enjoy.

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