So this is the third chapter, nothing new. Just that... Yeah, there's nothing new.

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Erza's POV

I walked alongside Gray looking around the halls. I stared up at gray, who kept on blabbering on about how flexible his muscles are.

"Want to feel them?" Gray asked. I snorted, like I would ever vị that.

"You're being really weird, you know that?" I laughed.

"Well, I guess I'm just excited to be with my best friover all over again," Gray chuckled, a tint of rose spread across my cheeks. 

Best friend? I wondered.

"Well that's the kết thúc of the tour. Any questions?" Gray asked.

"Not that I kno-" I got interrupted.

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Gray's POV

"Gray- sama!!!!" Juvia yelled. I groaned. I need a way to lớn get rid of her. And I did the only thing possible. I kissed her. I kissed Erza. On her first day bachồng too! I felt bad khổng lồ part away from her soft, lucious lips. Both girls stared at me surprised. Erza was the first lớn respond. Her nose schrunched up and she touched her lips gently. Then, her eyes gave sầu me a death glare. I started sweating and just as I predicted, I got punched through the roof và inkhổng lồ the sky.

"Gray-sama!" Juvia screeched. But I blacked out before I could hit the ground.


Erza's Pov

After I had done my business with Gray the stripert (stripper & pervert). I walked over lớn my locker when Natsu grinned at me with his phone in his h&.

"I know you lượt thích Gray, Erza. I can help you with that."Natsu offered.

"I don't like Gray & why would I get help from you?" I questioned. He handed me a piece of paper và ran off. I read it & I almost barfed after reading this.

Hey Erza, I took a đoạn Clip of you kissing Gray và posted it onkhổng lồ the school trang web. I just wanted to lớn do that commemorating the happiness that fills each other's soul.   FROM, LUCY

I shoved the note in my pocket and was going to ask Lucy WHAT THE HELL WAS WRONG WITH HER when Natsu slapped his hvà over my shoulder.

"It's already the over of the day! I wonder what took you so long... Or maybe something happened?" Natsu smirked. I looked away from hyên, hiding the blush that had formed on my face when he mentioned it.

"I mean you 2 kissed. Juvia now turned into lớn B**** mode!" Natsu said. I ran off, but not before I yelled at hyên for swearing.

" Typical, typical Erza." Natsu laughed. I ran trang chủ & slammed the door shut. I sighed and touched my lips once more. The tingling sensation still thrived on my lips and I hate to say it but

"I enjoyed the kiss."


AN: Heya! That's the over of the chapter. I know what you're thinking. A kiss already?!! WTF!!! Girl, you are high khổng lồ put a kiss in already.

Yes, I just had no ideas. I'm sorry if the chapter is suckish. But that's about it bye!