Fete de la moto la rue saint pierre 2017

There’s non denying it: auto world of motorcycles, and especially auto world of customised bikes, has actually often cultivated rivalry. Each brand inspires the création of finish communities, through their own rules, ligue and adversaries. Cible the great thing is the there’s something the unites everyone, regardless of affiliation: and that’s auto look, the predilection parce que le a saint that meilleur sums up the core worth shared par everybody here at wheels & waves with no exception. Being passionate around freedom.

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And that’s why style is never ever a superficial matter. A “look” is, after all, a configuration of numerous minor decisions, motivated par the desire to pavillon out, ns course, but also par the desire venir make a statement.

When nous think du the word “style”, it’s seulement un natural to think ns something elegant et balanced. Marqué a saint can encore be oui unique and original as a radically customised bike et can catch our attention the same means a “burn out” at full speed rings in our ears.

By selecting a style, it’s true, une can feeling part de a group. But wouldn’t cette be great if a saint were both recognisable at a glance and, at the same time, ever changing, constantly personalised… constantly “custom”?


That’s the style of motorcycle enthusiasts: it’s always inventing, constantly searching for some information that renders a statement about who amie are. Non strings, ne sont pas written rules, it’s tous in auto name of freedom.

All ce takes is une glance at the ville during the 2017 wheel & Waves dur to importer the feeling that this is a catwalk ns sorts, a very certain showroom open up around thé clock, full ns colours et surprising innovation.


There are auto classics, of course, choose tattoos on every part of the body. Some bikers opt pour minimalist, virtually deliberately “graceless” tattoos. Others plainly rely conditions météorologiques refined artists, that are capable of producing impressive works.

And, because it’s impossible to think ns bikes there is no thinking ns the huge distances and infinite horizon of thé heart de America, one can hardly miss the many an individual takes nous the rockabilly look about here, hair wax, jeans and black armed forces boots. Eateries in biarritz offer your take conditions météorologiques the American “diner” finish with auto chrome payot top, pastel colours and jukebox playing rock’n’roll.

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And, since any kind of bike right here is, by definition, a custom bike – if it’s homemade tous the better – a mechanic’s work clothing double as a mode icon this year: pour men et for women. Possibly with a pair de oil-spattered gloves difficult out auto back pocket. Reconnaissance some unanticipated detail, prefer a pair ns heels parce que le her jaune classy shades à la him, which spectacles that, at least parce que le today, these are much more than just work clothes.


Did conditions météorologiques forget to couverture leather? Of course not. Leather, especially black worn leather, continu to be a “must”, pour the really biker: the une who travel thousands du kilometres every year nous his bike et who eyes with suspicion any kind of compromise in favour of all that is “cute” cible not strictly necessary.


The music tous around


Music has constantly come through a certain look. A great movement, favor “punk” parce que le example, began with a few small boutiques in londres experimenting with toutes les personnes that to be new, with clothing even avant music. One du punk’s above bands, auto Clash, laced their musique with social and political messages (in other words, ce was “serious” music) et always underscored the dimportance of your “look” ont a significant part de their art.

Music is everywhere here at wheels & Waves. Even during thé day, with small bands performing near auto stands et adding a au sens propre more grit à their renditions of the fight songs ns the moment. At auto same time, à contribute to thé cheerful chaos, loudspeakers play the highway classics, choose “Born to be wild”.

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After sunset, however, musique takes on a whole new meaning: a stage at auto entrance venir the bourgade converts wheels & Waves into a yes, really music festival every evening, with legendary artists like Elliot Murphy: a shining étoiles in American music, who with his guitar shares thé experiences of those who continuez to live on auto frontier today.