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The Intern is a 2015 comedy-drama helmed by Director Nancy Meyers. The movie stars Robert ns Niro and Anne Hathaway in command roles. Review its trivia here



The Intern is a 2015 comedy-drama helmed par Director Nancy Meyers. Auto movie étoiles Robert ns Niro et Anne Hathaway in command roles. The histoire revolves about a widower that realises that cette is not suited pour retirement yet and applies à becomean intern at an online fashion site. De Niro theatre Ben, a tenderness father la honte to annane Hathaway's character. Walk you sait that this movie is one du Quentin Tarantino' favourites? Read thé interesting details and trivia here.

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In one scene, Robert ns Niro's character is confused ont to who Jay-Z is. This is an in-joke around the beef Robert ns Niro et Jay-Z ont had because 2012.Quentin Tarantino stated that this movie is one ns his favourite movies of 2015.Anne Hathaway likewise starred in The devil Wears Prada (2006), which has a comparable workplace setting, a NY-style office.This is the first time Nancy Meyers and Robert de Niro functioned together.Robert de Niro's daughter Drena aux Nirohas a cameo in thé film; she plays the hotel manager.In thé screenplay, auto character du Cameron was originally written ont a mrs character named Candice.The movie is identical to Intern (2000) starring Dominique Swain. Anne Hathaway play a similar role as an intern in auto movie The devil Wears Prada (2006).

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In this movie, ben (Robert ns Niro) to visit Northwestern college, this is thé same college that anne Hathaway's personality went venir in auto movieThe evil one Wears Prada (2006).Robert du Niro and Rene Russo’s ahead onscreen appearances include thé Adventures du Rocky & Bullwinkle (2000) et Showtime (2002).Reese Witherspoon was at first cast ont Jules cible she refused.In anne Hathaway's opening scene, she's filling année order over thé phone pour a bride called Rachel. This is a reference to auto title of sa earlier cinématicien Rachel acquiring Married (2008), pour which elle was nominated parce que le Best actress at the académie Awards.

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