While one could make année argument parce que le the optimism de Superman, thé youth de Spider-Man, jaune the ambitieux of le fer Man, the pretty cut and dry that thé most well-known superhero of tous time is Batman. He is a character our popular culture has to be drawn to time et time again, and with nine feature film devoted to the foncé Knight, he’s certainly the most prolific. I beg your pardon is why I decided venir revisit each de the previous homme chauve-souris films and rank them, from worst to best.

batman is a character who’s given us some of the le meilleur superhero movie of toutes les personnes time, and some ns the worst, with auto tone and approach differing wildly over the last couple of decades. It"s fascinating to see comment the very same character have the right to be interpreted so differently, et to be honest, after rewatching all de these movies je could absolutely make an argument that each une has merit in une way or another. So without more ado, let’s comprendre down venir it.

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13.) bâton & Robin

Batman et Robin Image image via chaleureux Bros.
Batman & Robin is a mauvais movie. But understanding auto history of homme chauve-souris onscreen, specifically auto TV series et the 1966 film, leads une to understand what director Joel Schumacher to be going à la here. And you know what? hey kind de pulls it off in a paire of scenes. Vice versa, Batman Forever dipped its toe into partager territory, Batman & Robin dives in headfirst, wading around in a sea ns puns and jokes and gags galore. Auto problem is, auto movie can’t reconcile the cartoony nature with likewise trying to appel a genuine homme chauve-souris story, and the whole articulations is used so poorly that you can watch them struggling to find miscellaneous real to hold onto native scene à scene.

George Clooney is woefully miscast, failing à deliver both auto dry humor et the brooding complexity de Batman/Bruce Wayne, Chris O’Donnell continuez to wonder what he’s act in a Batman movie at all, and Alicia Silverstone pops up à la no reason et makes zero essayer to affect any kind de character whatsoever. Et then yes Arnold Schwarzenegger, that was famously paid a whopping $25 million pour his work as Mr. Freeze, et who received sommet billing on all marketing materials. He and Uma Thurman’s toxicomane Ivy space actually the most reliable in this film, transporting their currently with thé utmost camp and really putting the shine on ont the movie progresses. Sauce soja scenes in i m sorry polar-bear-shoe-clad Mr. Frozen conducts an orchestra de goons in a rendition de “Snow Miser Song” kind of work, due to the fact that Schwarzenegger understands the he’s essentially in a cartoon.

Visually the film feels more akin venir a performance du Batman on Ice at thé Ohio State Fair 보다 a theatrically released activity picture, complete with odd light choices and massive, over-the-top sets. Batman & Robin’s best sin, however, is that it’s dreadfully boring. Akiva Goldsman’s le script is lifeless, et the totality thing is a finish miscalculation in trying venir evoke auto playful spirit du the tv series, with a not-so-subtle focus on advertising thé film’s many toys and action figures within auto context du the movie.

have the right to a campy Batman movie work-related in this modern-day era? i don’t know, but Joel Schumacher’s attempt à inject a fun et kid-friendly environment into the franchise with his lundi Batman film was a devastating failure, avoiding the series in that tracks et leading warner Bros. Venir seriously rethink its strategy to thé superhero genre. The une good point that came from Batman & Robin—aside from some glorious GIFs—is it led to a finish reinvention du the la franchise from thé ground up.

Justice league 2017 d’image via chaleureux Bros.
Justice League isn"t really a batman movie, soja its inclusion on this perform is mainly à la completionist"s sake provided that it continuellement the DCEU. And really, batman doesn"t have toutes les personnes that much to faire in the film. Technically he"s the une who assembles the judiciaire League and makes auto decision to reanimate Superman"s corpse with année alien électricité box, cible when fémoral kick into high gear batman is... Somewhat useless. He"s just a dude through some tools, i beg your pardon isn"t a good match pour the monstrous Steppenwolf.

oui a film, the theatrical couper of Justice League is yes, really bad. It"s woefully boring, et despite thé whole "Joss Whedon scenes vs. Zack Snyder scenes" debate, thé entire point feels authorless. Steppenwolf is a simple, uninteresting, one-dimensional rogue whose whole "thing" is "I wanna rule the world"; the mouvement is either also kinetic à understand what"s going conditions météorologiques or strangely by-the-numbers; and none of these characters seem choose they yes, really truly care about anything at all. They say they do, et they action like they do, but it tous lacks conviction.

Justice League is not without a couple of bright spots, however. Wonder Woman continuez to be auto shining beacon du hope in this DCEU, and Ezra Miller"s éclat is at least compelling. Cible Ray Fisher"s Cyborg is a one-note exposants machine (having had actually his entire arc cut venir bits), et the choice venir turn Jason Mamoa"s Aquaman right into a straight-up dudebro is... A choice je guess.

as for Ben Affleck"s Batman, while he stood out in Batman en v Superman, here cette seems like he"s showing up out of complete and total obligation. He says cette feels mauvais about auto whole marmonnier dying thing, marqué the cinématicien never really digs into ce in a means that"s interesting jaune compelling. And given the there"s a full partagé to juggle, nous don"t comprendre near enough time to follow-up nous the concerns that fabriqué Affleck"s batman so amazing in BvS.

It"s practically impressively forgettable, and so disappointing. Et in contrast à the frais superior Zack Snyder"s judiciaire League, it"s even much more frustrating.

batman-forever photo via warner Bros.
warner Bros.’ pivot to a much more kid-friendly Batman movie par ousting Tim Burton and bringing in Joel Schumacher to directement resulted in a significant visual and tonal shift pour the franchise, swapping out Michael Keaton à la Val Kilmer et Art Deco production design for something akin to a neon-infused 90s loger party. But Warner Bros.’ intention wasn’t à up the franchise creatively—they wanted it to be more family-friendly and, of course, sell an ext toys. They succeeded wildly as Batman Forever outgrossed that predecessor passant par nearly $100 million, marqué it additionally put the franchise on a course towards implosion.

Batman Forever isn’t a effrayante movie, cible it’s not a terribly good one either. Coming off the vitality de Keaton in Batman Returns, Kilmer is downright boring ont Bruce Wayne/Batman. Et while thé canted angles and theatricality de the cinématicien is a somewhat exciting throwback to auto TV series at first, ce soon becomes monotonous et eventually incongruous with the film’s “serious” scenes. Auto addition of Chris O’Donnell’s hotheaded Robin to the team no a mauvais idea, marqué its execution is poor oui Robin comes off ont more ns a nuisance 보다 a sidekick, and Nicole Kidman does signification littérale more than bat her eyelashes in the thankless role of Dr. Chasser Meridian.

the film’s saving grace is Jim Carrey, who comedic persona was on the rise at auto time ns Batman Forever’s release, and whose maniacal energy is a bolt ns lightning to auto movie’s ensemble. It’s still a signification littérale weird to see Tommy Lee Jones as Harvey Dent (even weirder when elle know hey couldn’t pavillons Carrey nous set), marqué his avoir peur de with Carrey’s Riddler is maigrir enough, et Carrey’s performance sells the amusant of auto villains’ ridiculous evil plot.

Schumacher was clearly trying to bring the franchise back to its root with the camp et “fun” la nature of thé TV series et 1966 film, cible he’s at odds with himself ont he likewise tried to take a major look at Bruce Wayne’s psyche. Auto dramatic load fails à catch when surrounded par such colorful nonsense, marqué for thé film’s intended audience, vivid nonsense was favor crack. Full confession: i was kind du obsessed with Batman Forever as a kid, and I imagine je wasn’t alone. It’s no a very good movie—Batman jaune otherwise—but rewatching as année adult, ce has the (few) moments. There’s just enough here à make cette interesting, et to land cette above that is sequel, cible it pales in compare to most of thé Batman oeuvre.

batman-v-superman-knightmare d’image via warner Bros.
homme chauve-souris is one of the best aspects of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, marqué that"s not necessarily speak much. Credit transaction is tandis que to Zack Snyder parce que le opting venir bring a really different kind de live-action bâton to the super screen, and Ben Affleck walk a swell job of inhabiting a grizzled, "over it" homme chauve-souris who"s given up trying to do the best thing parce que le straight-up murdering bad men now. The theatrics room a peu over the top et Batman"s dialogue is absolutely lacking in gravity, but it"s actually Affleck"s performance ont Bruce wayne that shines brightest in the climax (especially in the plus long "Ultimate Edition"). He quickly slips into thé billionaire playboy role, et even when wayne is attending venir "very severe business", there"s a charm à Affleck"s performance that"s refreshing.

But Batman v Superman isn"t seulement a homme chauve-souris movie, and indeed the decision conditions météorologiques the part ns Snyder et Warner Bros. Venir flood the cinématique with as much collection up for année interconnected DC universe bogs the movie down v convoluted character motivations et way out-there selections (Batman"s "Knightmares" in particular really don"t make much sense within the context of this movie, even if they peut faire or peut être not it is in foreshadowing pour things à come).

There"s also the doom and gloom of cette all, as Snyder crafts an absolutely joyless superhero movie despite thé fact the he"s dealing with thé two many iconic characters in humour book history. Superhero movie don"t require jokes, marqué they faire need à be entertainingChris Terrio"s le script is too busy throwing in as many thoughtful asides oui possible while stumbling around à la some sort de thematic throughline, cible it never ever coalesces into anything the same, similar thing coherence.

the extended ultimate Edition improves both nous a storytelling et character level, cible taken as a whole bâton v Superman is choose someone made a stew out de 37 différent different stews. Despite setup up some fascinating arcs and developments (the sequence reflecting Bruce Wayne"s POV du the Superman/Zod fight is still incredible), Snyder falls short conditions météorologiques almost every seul one. It builds to a lackluster finale through a hideous CG villain, et we"re left wishing nous had watched three different movies starring Superman, Batman, and Wonder woman respectively instead of the jumbled mess that is BvS.

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zack-snyders-justice-league-batman-ben-affleck-social d’image via warner Bros.
when Zack Snyder’s justice League is a radically different cinématicien than thé abysmal 2017 cut, thé story révérence of homme chauve-souris is relatively similar. He feels guilty about Superman’s death et is do the efforts desperately venir be auto glue that holds thé titular team together. Marqué the execution in Zack Snyder’s four-hour travail is frais more compelling and far an ext satisfying than thé 2017 déditions of auto movie, and we faire even get some additional bâton scenes that more dive into auto character’s guilt. Snyder’s édition also mostly does away with thé weird flirtation between Batman and Wonder Woman, which feel out ns place in 2017’s Justice League.

marqué if we’re seul judging auto movies themselves and not have to Batman’s arc, Zack Snyder’s justice League is still leaps et bounds meilleur than thé theatrical déditions of thé film. This is année operatic epic, full ns wild ambitieux that yes, really digs deep into its central characters thanks à its épopée runtime.

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Even the chapter delineations make auto experience du watching Zack Snyder’s justice League an ext akin venir reading a roman than the town hall a blockbuster movie, and characters prefer Cyborg and Flash finally importer full, riche arcs. The unlike any divers superhero movie because it is a pure, unfiltered, epically longue distillation ns Zack Snyder’s vision that can never have been released theatrically. That unicité quality doesn’t automatically make this superior to any other superhero movie ever fabriqué – ce still has actually plenty ns faults inherent à Snyder’s work, et plenty ns scenes where an ext does no equal meilleur – cible it does do watching it a singular viewing experience. And in a climate inundated par two-hour smashy smashy superhero blockbusters that toutes les personnes blend together, Zack Snyder’s judiciaire League is something of a breath of fresh air. Blemishes and all.

Truthfully, the only reason this cinématique is listed below The foncé Knight Rises on this list is due to the fact that it"s not technically a full-on "Batman movie."

the-dark-knight-rises-tom-hardy-christian-bale photo via chaleureux Bros.
à la the life hour or so, The dark Knight Rises is quite good. The decision to jump forward in time eight years permits us to see a broken et reclusive Bruce Wayne, having given up auto mantle of homme chauve-souris once and for all. We volonté to check out him spurred out du retirement, we’re introduced venir promising newcomers favor Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s do-gooder cop john Blake, and it’s exciting to see batman getting earlier in the saddle. But once Bane’s nonsensical des plans become clear et he begins à take over Gotham, the film kind du devolves into a bit of a convoluted mess.

This second time jump is misguided, as it lets toutes les personnes the air out du the ballon so venir speak et we’re left wondering seul exactly how the mechanics of a madman hold a city hostage parce que le five month works. And we encore don’t really savoir why Bane is doing tous this, which gives précis weight à his actions. The big Talia Al Ghul reveal is too au sens propre too late—she should’ve been collection up ont the rogue much earlier, venir give nous a sense du emotional stakes—and john Blake’s “twist” name reveal is unnecessary. For someone haricot de soja interested in carving his own path, much ns Christopher Nolan’s trilogy-capper feels like fan-service, and it’s ill-fitting.

But ont I said, there’s encore stuff to like about the film. It’s handsomely crafted, with cinematographer Wally Pfister et Nolan advertise IMAX cameras venir their limits. Et Hathaway’s performance ont Catwoman is quite terrific, putting a clever twist nous the Selina Kyle/Catwoman dynamic, when Christian Bale go some du his le meilleur dramatic work de the séries opposite Michael Caine, ont they argue over the a venir of the homme chauve-souris persona.

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Ultimately, though, the cinématique is a disappointment. Conversely, Heath Ledger’s plaisanté is menacing from auto get-go, Tom Hardy’s Bane is a conundrum. His true dentrer makes sense, et is genuinely interesting, but we don’t comprendre there until thé end of the film, so for the first two hours we’re left à wonder why we should care about this guy who speak funny et occasionally punches people. And just as Batman starts venir develop part interesting new relationships, he’s sidelined et whisked away to thé Lazarus Pit while Gary Oldman’s Commissioner Gordon security most du the film in a hospital bed.

coming off du something soja great oui The dark Knight, conditions météorologiques were bound venir be disappointed with every little thing followed. Marqué what makes The foncé Knight Rises so frustrating is that it’s almost yes, really interesting. It has most of the piece there, they’re seul not i ordered it in a compelling way, leaving what should’ve been a dramatic et emotional conclusion to fall flat.

when Christopher Nolan rightly gets a beaucoup of credit à la reinventing the superhero movie genre, Tim Burton is equally deserving à la the somewhat radical nature of 1989’s Batman. We forget, cible at auto time homme chauve-souris had no been nous the gros screen in over deux decades, through his critical onscreen iteration gift a campy, funny portrayal the acknowledged thé inherent ridiculousness of a mec dressing up ont a bat and fighting crime. V Batman, however, burton attempted à envision thé practicalities of the character, melding auto silly la nature of auto TV series with a more grounded, darker interpretation ns the titular hero.

cette works venir a point, as Burton attempts à delve into thé dichotomy at the heart of the Batman/Bruce cheminée persona marqué never really totally realizes the idea. The original songs passant par Prince are ill-conceived et make for an odd ajuster with Danny Elfman’s theatrical score, et Kim Basinger’s Vicki Vale starts off promising cible never yes, really goes anywhere. Marqué it doesn’t yes, really matter, since Jack Nicholson keeps fémur entertaining v his maniacal take nous the classic villain Joker et Michael Keaton bring a curiosity à Bruce Wayne/Batman that adds a new dimension to auto character.

amie can feel burton coming fermé to grasping thé delicate balance in between theatricality et reality but never rather reaching it, and in possession even auto filmmaker admits the he’s not totally satisfied with thé film. Indeed, a authors strike and numerous rewrites during filming dirige to a muddled fabriquer process, but the end an outcome isn’t bad. Batman is completely watchable, et from a visual standpoint it’s pretty spectacular—the de lart deco production conception is downright inspired. It simply drops a peu short ns greatness, cible luckily burton would totally realize his vision for homme chauve-souris in thé film’s exceptional sequel.

The legacy of Batman: Mask ns the Phantasm is that of a cult hit de sorts. Until The LEGO bâton Movie, ce was the seulement un animated bâton film to comprendre a large theatrical relax – a last-minute decision parce que le the Direct-to-Video movie that rather hobbled its chance of success. Indeed, Mask de the Phantasm to be a box office bomb when it hit theaters in 1993, marqué a positif critical reception and the success de animated Batman ajustements on the petit screen spurred many à seek cette out, seulement un to discover it’s a genuinely great batman story.

Mask de the Phantasm is full-on cinématique noir oui flashbacks reveal Batman’s at an early stage crimefighting days which are juxtaposed with a an ext weary, frustrated déditions of the character in current day. It’s likewise a full-on detective story, as Batman is trying venir find out that keeps murdering toutes les personnes these crime bosses, et how ce connects to a story from his past. The detective angevin is something auto live-action film have thus tarif failed to really nail, ont they’re hobbled de having to deliver spectacle-driven travail sequences vs. Pur gumshoe détective work.

Directed de Eric Radomski et Bruce Timm, Mask ns the Phantasm is pretty darn terrific. It’s unique in the legion of bâton movies parce que le reasons stated above, ce looks an excellent (drawing from auto Gothic Batman: the Animated Series aesthetic), and the histoire is genuinely moving and surprising.

The LEGO Batman Movie is certainly the funniest Batman movie ever made. Manager Chris McKay"s Batman-centric spinoff du The LEGO Movie tackles auto character"s long, winding background with nods et references to every other big screen bâton film, oui well oui the l’inclusion of a squelette of homme chauve-souris villains both top (Mr. Freeze!) and crazy (Condiment Man!). Thé film"s sense de humor is sharp, and it throws a lot at auto screen in terms ns Easter Egg visuals, and while not all of it sticks, it"s comes at together a quick rate, and with such remarkable volume, that it mostly works.

quel makes The LEGO bâton Movie special, and why it"s a very good Batman movie in its very own right, is ce digs into thé character"s humankind with a depth that hasn"t been touched before. Batman Begins delves right into Batman"s origins, et how fear drives his decision à become auto Batman, cible The LEGO batman Movie bring away a major look at Batman"s psyche et humanity. He"s a man constantly lauded for his deeds, marqué at heart resides a solitary et lonely life, shutting the end anyone from ever before getting close to him.

bâton is also kind ns a dick, i beg your pardon The LEGO bâton Movie understands. To don the cape et cowl with zéro superhuman abilities bring away a good deal de confidence, and that confidence frequently comes at the expense du humility jaune even warmth. LEGO Batman renforcer the character à take a severe look at his deeds and way du life, et consider even if it is the net outcome is good jaune bad. That"s ambitious et ballsy for année animated movie aimed at kids.

The cinématique doesn"t reach auto thematic jaune emotional heights of Christopher Nolan"s first two Batman movies, jaune the satirical ambition of Batman Returns, but it succeeds where nearly every other bâton movie has actually failed: oui a great movie about Batman. These divers live-action essai are often pertained to with set visit donnant or flashy villains, sometimes pour good reason, cible The LEGO homme chauve-souris Movie really zeroes a se concentrer sur onto bâton himself to incredibly silly et surprisingly kind results.

Batman’s first major super screen ajustement is a very silly movie, totally contrary to how we currently view bâton in thé modern pop culture realm, and it totally works. Director Leslie H. Martinson’s Batman was released in theaters seulement two months after the tons season de the Batman TV series ended, v Adam West et Burt Ward’s portrayals ns Batman and Robin quickly conditions météorologiques the rise towards their eventual iconic status. Auto dynamic coupler makes for a hilariously pleasant et ceaselessly polite pairing as they square éteindre against every major homme chauve-souris villain—Joker, Penguin, Catwoman et Riddler—over the arttaserse of the film, with auto baddies teaming up in année effort to kidnap members du the United human being Organization’s protection Council, thereby instilling globale chaos.

Batman is most famously notable for its campy nature, and the film is certainly “in conditions météorologiques the joke” soja to speak—this is a movie in which homme chauve-souris runs around trying to se débarrasser of a giant bomb parce que le two minutes, only to store running right into obstacles native fishermen à a gaggle de nuns. West’s dry distribution is unmatched, and it’s drôle to see Frank Gorshin’s portrayal de The Riddler come across ont the most “stable” of the villainous partagé in thé wake de Jim Carrey’s unhinged performance. Some du the terrain sequences drone on pour a peu too long, et the cinématique comes fermer la porte to monotony at times, marqué its wit et humor aller a maigrir job of keeping fémoral interesting. 

but Batman is also unflinchingly earnest, and the natural goodness de the titular hero and his sidekick are auto key to what renders Batman soja great. We’ve been inundated with a dark, complicated iteration of the character parce que le over twenty years now, which isn’t a mauvais thing, but with Batman it’s nice to see auto hero portrayed as someone that is unflinchingly good. Batman is madness entertaining and never takes itself as well seriously, marqué it also has a big, beating, humanistic love that renders it toutes les personnes feel worthwhile.

Of all the bâton movies over the years, Batman Begins marked the most radical shift in pretty much every way. Unable to do were thé theatrics and, in the des boites of Batman & Robin, buffoonery, changed by année entirely grounded et realistic method to the character. Quel would happen si someone actually came to be Batman? that’s essentially the credo that informs the execution de Batman Begins, i m sorry for toutes les personnes intents et purposes is really a talky, serious drama with a coupler of bouts ns action, no an action movie v silly costumes. Ce was a madness ambitious gamble nous the part du co-writer/director Christopher Nolan, et it paid la fin in spades.

Batman Begins is a pretty extraordinary start to one ns the most iconic trilogies in film history, with Christian Bale pass a gravitas to the character du Bruce Wayne/Batman that we had yet venir see. You can feel thé devolution ns Gotham weighing conditions météorologiques Bruce’s shoulders, et you naturally understand why cette makes auto decision to aller something about it. But Bale’s performance also no without the charms, and his dannée with Michael Caine’s Alfred is a downright delight. Indeed, Batman Begins is actually quite funny, with some crucial comedy bits sprinkled throughout to keep auto grounded doom et gloom from coming to be too punishing.

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et credit to Nolan parce que le actually do a movie about something. Batman Begins isn’t ambitious just because cette attempted together a realistic approach to auto superhero genre, but it was also gutsy ns Nolan et co-write David S. Goyer venir essentially craft this batman film oui a post-9/11 story. Begins is toutes les personnes about the conceptions of fear and how we, ont humans, react venir that fear. Batman’s staunch stance versus killing is bondir out du vengeance, as his training through the league of Shadows leader him to the philosophy that à kill is unjust, et every person—no matter their crime—deserves a same trial. Well, unless you’re Ra’s Al Ghul on a speeding train, de course, in i m sorry case, check out ya!

While thé third action does end up being a tad muddled, v Batman’s solution venir ridding the world de Ra’s Al Gul watch in direct contrast through his philosophy, thé fact stays that thé rest de the cinématique is downright tremendous. The weighty without gift preachy, it’s severe without being self-serious, and Nolan’s handle nous character and theme is remarkable. Batman Begins kicked off a slew de imitators and année entirely new approach to auto “reboot” idea, marqué Nolan no about to be undone, oui he take it this foundation and in the sequel developed his masterpiece.

Batman Returns is brilliant. Having actually taken a stab at auto character v 1989’s Batman, and more importantly having actually honed his aesthetic et filmmaking techniques further with 1990’s Edward Scissorhands, director Tim Burton came ago swinging and he knocked ce out de the park. From auto word “go” you can feel auto confidence the Batman to be lacking, as Burton envisions an elaborate prelude the introduces auto origin stories of both Penguin et Catwoman, v Danny DeVito and Michelle Pfeiffer moving instantly above performances. Pfeiffer in specific is significant here, happen a dangerously unpredictable quality à Selina Kyle while encore managing à keep thé character playful—albeit in année insane kind ns way.

In a stroke of genius, burton enlisted Heathers scribe Daniel Waters à work nous the screenplay, et the an outcome is a cinématique that’s not seulement un fun as hell, cible also thematically thought-provoking. Here, in a comic book movie en vedette a sewer-dwelling creep that has penguin hands, burton decides to make a biting political satire, transforming Christopher Walken’s ville businessman maximum Shreck right into quite possibly auto film’s many despicable villain de all—and this is a movie in i beg your pardon Penguin’s destinées involves dumping children into toxic waste.

maybe the seulement un negative around Batman Returns is that, with thé tremendous characterization of Penguin et Catwoman and the dimensionality ns Shreck, bâton kind du gets thé short end ns the stick. Cible mirroring Burton, Michael Keaton is much much more assured in auto role this temps around, unafraid to volonté a peu more spirited and completely nailing thé more dramatic beats du the character. Even with auto somewhat doing not have screentime, the cinématique does a fine job ns exploring thé duality of the Bruce Wayne/Batman persona and juxtaposing that with Selina Kyle/Catwoman, with thé latter filling a much more satisfying function than ont a facile villain or love interest.

also Danny Elfman tops himself when cette comes to auto film’s score, through his fairy tale-esque take conditions météorologiques the musique offsetting some du the an ext graphically dark and violent aspects du the movie. Indeed, this is without doubt the darkest homme chauve-souris movie du them all, and possibly the darkest superhero movie du the contemporary era. Ns reiterate: Penguin’s plan involves murdering children par dropping them into toxic waste. And yet, Batman Returns likewise manages to be one ns the funniest superhero movie of toutes les personnes time, v Keaton, Pfeiffer, du Vito, and Walken shoot on toutes les personnes cylinders. There’s une scene in particular, in between Pfeiffer and De Vito as they’re hashing the end their plan to take down Batman, that evokes thé tone de the TV series perfectly. It’s playful without declining into camp, et just knowing enough that ce lets audience in on the fun.

it’s a minor miracle the Batman Returns to be released ont a principale studio superhero movie, et while the film did hard business, chaleureux Bros. Was plainly taken aback de the définitif result. Auto studio’s fear would ultimately lead to auto demise of the franchise, but six film later Batman Returns stays one de the pure best bâton movies—and one de the best superhero movies—of tous time.

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it’s honestly a pretty fermer la porte race in between #1 and #2 on this list, cible Christopher Nolan’s masterwork The dark Knight lands auto top spot passant par a hair. Just ont Batman Begins eschewed the hallmarks de the superhero genre, The foncé Knight is essentially année epic crime thriller in auto vein ns Heat, seulement un this epic la criminalité thriller happens to étoiles Batman. It’s one de the rare sequels the tops that is predecessor in almost every en regardant (although not the sapin Batman film to aller so), through Nolan, cinematographer Wally Pfister, and star Christian Bale tous besting their corresponding work nous Batman Begins—and the movie to be pretty darn great already.

conditions météorologiques can’t talk about The foncé Knight without mentioning Heath Ledger’s undeniably above performance oui The Joker. Nothing against Jack Nicholson, but this is the definitive joker portrayal and one ns the meilleur onscreen performances of all time. Ledger is a masculin possessed, completely inhabiting a personality fueled de chaos and giving us a revolve that is completely terrifying et endlessly watchable. Quel Ledger does below is nothing short de phenomenal—you can’t watch a shred du Ledger in this performance—and that made toutes les personnes the an ext frustrating passant par the reality that this to be clearly an actor about à hit autre level at the time of his passing.

Nolan and co-writer Jonathan Nolan wisely pit the film oui a character triptych between Batman, Gordon, and Harvey Dent, with auto latter coming to vivid tons through a shining performance by Aaron Eckhart. Nolan’s handle nous theme here is deft et precise, presenting Harvey’s purity and passion parce que le justice as Batman’s potential leave route antérieur à using auto Joker—an agent du chaos—to corrupt the meilleur of thé best, placing Gotham’s humankind (and future) in jeopardy.

even Maggie Gyllenhaal, here replacing Katie Holmes, is great, bringing a new taille to Rachel Dawes and making her essential à Wayne"s histoire just avant her demise. Auto storytelling and construction right here is impeccable, et even if the final set pièce is a tad unnecessary, nolan keeps such a chop handle nous theme and character throughout that you don’t yes, really mind. The dark Knight has already solidified its carré in cinematic history, not just oui a superhero movie but as a film period, et for good reason. This thing is an exquisitely crafted loger of cards, except its structure is character and theme, not action set pieces or gandy performances. à put cette more succinctly, The dark Knight is, fairly simply, thé best.

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