First Love Of A Royal Prince

DirectorLee Kwan-heeWriterKyên ổn Eo-chan, Kyên ổn dml-chan, Jung Jin-youngStarring

Sung Yoo-ri, Cha Tae-hyun, Kyên Nam-jin, Jin Jae-young

CategoryDramaYear2004EpisodeRunning TimeGenreKeyword

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There"s the first royal prince, the son of a millionaire who knows nothing but money and thinks the world revolves around hlặng. The second royal prince is Mr. Perfect who only cares and goes after his success and accomplishment. And between these two comes along a penniless girl who"s nothing much of a kind but only full of faults except that she has a huge jolly heart và passion for life. Set in the world-renowned beautiful places and resorts, "First Love of a Royal Prince" takes a look at these three young people"s story of finding their dream, true happiness as well as their true love. Numbers of exotic places like the stunning xanh sea of South Pacific và the ever so Trắng snow field of Sapporo(Japan) will spread before your very eyes.


A recreation major graduate of a two-year college, she now works a part-time job at a sandwich siêu thị and delivers sandwiches. She has been just strolling along for 3 years without a stable job but she has one huge jolly heart và great passions for life. She"s got one dream & that is to work as the G.O at an overseas resort. But of course, her present situation is not that favorable to lớn her và her dream seems just too far way from the harsh reality she"s in. Her mother"s endless preaching at home page has also been added to her routine but that"s not enough to make this girl miserable. Because lớn her, "Life is meant khổng lồ be happy!".

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He is the royal prince of a hotel/resort millionaire, heir to the great numbers of resorts and hotels around the world. He graduated from some college in the United States and lived there for quite some time but he still can"t speak English. He"s just living the carekhông lấy phí and comfortable life of a royal prince và merely waiting for the day when he"d take over his father"s business. He has always been economically well off but his mother"s early death và his father"s negligence made him the way he is now. He"s never been really loved by anyone, much less his family so he doesn"t know how khổng lồ really get along with people, not khổng lồ mention to lớn love sầu. He only hangs out with the rich friends and looks down on whoever he thinks are inferior khổng lồ hyên. But one day a girl named Yoo-Bin comes storming inkhổng lồ his life & he feels himself changing a bit, at least in front of her.

He"s also the royal prince. He"s the eldest son of a hotel/resort millionaire, in fact the elder brother of Gun-Hee but he"s totally unaware of his birth secret. He lives with his single mother & in order to meet her every expectation, he is always trying his utmost to lớn be the very best. Ever since he was little, he has been going after only one thing, lớn be the most important and competent person in Korean economy. He has entered only the most prestigious schools, got himself inlớn the number one company in Korea and boasted the fasdemo promotion in history. But this Mr. Perfect also goes through some changes & again Yoo-Bin seems lớn lie behind all this.

She is a new face star in Korea & a girl friend of royal prince, Gun-Hee. She has been longing for his wealth & glory but hated Gun-Hee"s arrogant attitude và bad manner even though she is in love with hyên. Hye-Mi is like a fox, which doesn"t endure khổng lồ lose anything or to lớn have any damage. One day, there appears Yoo-Bin in front of Gun-Hee and he is very attracted by her whom doesn"t have sầu anything and clumsy and also stupid. Thus, she feels very nervous of Yoo-Bin all the time & worries about their relationship. Though cold & ferocious, she is eager for being loved from others as she was grown up so lonely in childhood.