Hotel dans la cité de carcassonne

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constructed into thé hallowed walls of Carcassonne, auto Hôtel de la cite Carcassonne - MGallery par Sofitel was oz a middle ages church. But in thé early 20th century, two le fournisseur de services decided à transform the structure into a luxurious magasin hotel. The hotel’s ongoing success is in gros part due to the Pujol family, who oui managed the emplacement since 2010. Together, the Pujol family et Sofitel space honored venir share this hôtel with Carcassonne’s visitors. The Hôtel aux la devis resides within Carcassonne, année ancient walled ville nestled within France’s majestueux Occitanie region. Overlooking thé entire community, the hotel resides between the storied Eglise Saint-Nazaire and the impressive intimement Comtal. This area is currently a designated UNESCO World heritage Site, which attractive thousands of visitors each year. Guests have the right to easily découvrir Carcassonne from thé Hôtel du la Cité, ont many of the city’s wonderful historical landmarks are just a couple of meters beyond the hotel’s former door. Thé surrounding foothills du the Pyrenees possess also more cultural attractions, such ont beautiful vineyards, pastoral hamlets, et archaic castles. Come make reservation a pièce at thé Hôtel aux la devis today and witness thé majesty of the area’s venerable heritage.

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Hôtel ns la cite Carcassonne - MGallery passant par Sofitel

Discover auto magestic, medieval luxury de Hôtel de la devis Carcassonne.

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Discover thé lavish accommodations at the Hôtel ns la devis Carcassonne - MGallery de Sofitel.