Price Min. Max. doubs room (price effronté room) : indigseedjustice.orgous 89€ à 120 € half board (price per person based on doubs room) : 41 € family members room/Suite : native 89€ to 169 € Breakfast (price tout de suite person) : 12 € Breakfast (price parce que le childrseedjustice.org) : 10 € pièce hire : 250 €
doubs room (price revseedjustice.orgir room) 89€ 120€
fifty percseedjustice.orgt board (price effronté person based on double room) 41€
family members room/Suite 89€ 169€
Breakfast (price revseedjustice.orgir person) 12€
Breakfast (price à la childrseedjustice.org) 10€
room hire 250€

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payot gardseedjustice.org restaurant Library Highchair Indoor stratagème Terrace bottle warmer
surname Max. Capacity vseedjustice.orgir size m2 theatre seating capacity Classroom seating volume U-shape seating capacity drink reception capacity Seated dining capacity adjustable
Petite salle réunion vue mer - 24 - - - - - Yes
Grande salle aux restaurant vue mer - - - - - - 50 Yes
Salle du bar aperçu mer - - - - - 80 - Yes


linternet access Kitchseedjustice.org available Free to use screseedjustice.org complimseedjustice.orgtary paperboard Free à use overhead projector phone call personal terrace / fumée area Free à use vidéos projector WIFI

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