When reporter Dan Geraldo (Alain Chabat) arrives in Palombia to lớn hunt for a scoop, he never suspects that he is about lớn make an incredible discovery...

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With his resourceful local guide Pablito (Jamel Debbouze), Dan has one surprise after another during a thrilling adventure that allows him to lớn bring the world some spectacular news: the Marsupilami, a mythical và mischievous animal, really does exist! You too will believe in furry tails!

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7$430,091-22.1%389-1$1,105$1,274,0353falseAug 16-1910$123,731-71.2%180-209$687$1,660,5053falseAug 23-2622$21,575-82.6%52-128$414$1,674,4074falseAug 30-Sep 220$33,898+57.1%58+6$584$1,716,1015falseSep 6-928$14,315-57.8%34-24$421$17,653,2356falseSep 13-1632$3,824-73.3%15-19$254$1,771,0027falseSep 27-3038$3,087-9-$343$1,800,7969falseOct 4-734$3,621+17.3%5-4$724$1,784,71110falseOct 11-1435$2,351-35.1%6+1$391$1,788,00911falseOct 18-2138$984-58.1%4-2$246$1,788,92912falseOct 25-2840$144-85.4%3-1$48$1,789,08213falseNov 1-440$232+61.1%2-1$116$1,789,70614falseNov 8-1141$128-44.8%1-1$128$1,789,90815falseNov 22-2541$64-1-$64$1,790,75917false
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