How I Met Your Mother: The 10 Best Episodes of Season 7, According to IMDb New baby, new relationships, & old faces. How I Met Your Mother"s seventh season was truly an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish!

Season 7 of the hit show How I Met Your Mother was quite the emotional rollercoaster. Right off the bat, fans learn that Barney is going to lớn get married to a mysterious bride. Over the course of the twenty-two episodes that made up the season, the gang sees the unexpected arrival of a new adorable member, Robin và Barney each find people who seem khổng lồ be the right partners for them, và Ted embarks on a romantic journey with a familiar face.

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There were only two more seasons to go until the over of the show, and How I Met Your Mother ventured inkhổng lồ slightly new territory. Although it kept the light-hearted nature that fans fell in love with, the series went deeper inkhổng lồ its portrayal of adulthood, friendships, and romantic relationships, sometimes going as far as introducing heart-wrenching moments & scenes that would not have been a part of its earlier episodes. Take a look at some of the best moments that marked the seventh season of How I Met Your Mother.

At this point, Robin is already dating Kevin, who regularly hangs out with the group. While they"re doing their usual shtichồng of spending time at the bar drinking, Kevin inquires about the origin of the "No Boogie-Boarding" sign outside MacLaren"s.

This prompts the gang lớn reGọi the time Hurricane Irene hit New York back in 2011 & everything that ensued. This included marshall freaking out about not having health insurance, and everyone thinking Ted was exaggerating about how hard the storm would hlặng the thành phố.

9 No Pressure (8.4)

"No Pressure" marked the seventeenth episode of season 7. At this point, Robin & Kevin had broken up, and once again, audiences witnessed just how much Ted still wasn"t over Robin. He spent the entire episode trying to figure out if she still loved him, & is left heartbroken when she admits she doesn"t.

On a slightly more lighthearted note, Barney finds out Lily & Marshal have sầu a sex tape hidden somewhere. In true Stinson fashion, he goes above sầu và beyond to lớn traông xã it.

The season finale was split into lớn two parts, with "The Magician"s Code: Part 1" being the first. Lily goes into labor, and in order to distract her from the pain & from the fact that Marshall"s not there, Robin & Ted reCall several funny stories from the past, making for some incredible flashbacks.

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In the meantime, Marshall is drunk và stuông xã in Atlantic City with Barney, who needs khổng lồ find a way lớn get him baông xã lớn Thành Phố New York so he can be present for his son"s birth. It"s a high stakes episode!

7 The Best Man (8.6)

"The Best Man" was the first episode of season seven, officially kicking off the events that would take place over the course of twenty-two episodes. It"s here that audiences find out that Ted is Barney"s best man at hid wedding - but who could be the bride?

This leads to lớn Ted recalling Punchy"s wedding, the day when they found out Lily and Marshall were going lớn have sầu a baby & when Robin admitted lớn still having feelings for Barney.

The gang loves nothing if not a good tradition. One of those traditions involves Barney, Ted, và Marshall getting together every three years khổng lồ watch the original Star Wars trilogy.

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This year, & now that Barney is getting serious with his girlfrikết thúc Quinn, Ted wonders if he will ever find someone to lớn marry, love, và have children with. The episode goes from funny lớn sad to hilarious, in a perfect balance of emotions.

5 The Broath (8.7)

The gang is still suspicious of Quinn, và more so after Ted breaks the oath he swore lớn Barney và tells Lily, Marshall, và Robin that she is actually a stripper. Believing Quinn is manipulating Barney, the group decides to stage an intervention lớn keep the two of them from moving in together.

A battle between Robin & Ted happens in the background, as the two continue to lớn have sầu a strained relationship & are both looking for a place lớn live sầu.

When Robin suspects she"s pregnant, she isn"t too happy about it. However, "Symphony of Illumination" soon turns into lớn what is perhaps one of the saddest episodes on the show.

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As it turns out, Robin can"t have sầu any children of her own. And even though she was always adamant about the fact that she didn"t want any, having the possibility taken away from her is still heartbreaking. As is the moment she says goodbye khổng lồ her potential kids.

3 The Magician"s Code: Part 2 (8.9)

The over of the season saw the birth of Marvin Wait-For-It Eriksen, sending Marshall & Lily into lớn a spiral of unconditional love sầu & happiness. The same, however, can"t be said for Barney, Robin, và Ted.

Robin encourages Ted to go after Victoria, the girl who was right for hyên all along. In the meantime, Barney makes a decision that shocks everyone when he gets engaged lớn Quinn.

Even though it only appeared on season 7 for the first time, the Ducky Tie became a staple for fans of How I Met Your Mother. And the third episode os the season was when this iconic piece of clothing was born.

After a bet between Barney and Marshall that would grant the former the chance khổng lồ look at Lily"s breasts goes completely sideways, Barney ends up losing và having khổng lồ wear the tie for a long, long time.

1 Tiông chồng Tichồng Tiông xã (9.0)

While Ted và Marshall get stoned at a concert, leading khổng lồ a series of hilarious sequences, Robin và Barney struggle with admitting khổng lồ Nora and Kevin that they slept together. Barney wants to get bachồng with Robin, but does she want the same? What will the fate of their relationship be?