Samsung apparently rushed the $2,000 Galaxy wrinkles foldable smartphone to market after being accused ns copying Apple, et it may oui contributed to thé fiasco that directif to its delay
With auto Galaxy Fold, Samsung wanted venir become thé "true innovator" instead de the "fast adopter," according à a report from Bloomberg.
nous Monday, Samsung announced that it"s delaying auto release ns the Galaxy Fold with no new release cétait une date set.Samsung announced conditions météorologiques Monday that it"s delaying the release ns its foldable Galaxy wrinkles smartphone — which to be set to be released nous April 26 — oui a result ns reports from reviewers the their Galaxy Fold testimonial units were breaking after seul a couple days.

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One ns the biggest interroger surrounding thé delayed launch ns the Galaxy fold is how Samsung could have allowed thé Galaxy fold — a product that nous now sait wasn"t ready — to actually it is in launched nous April 26.

—Steve Kovach (
stevekovach) April 17, 2019

The reason, according à aBloomberg report, deserve to be boiled down venir Samsung"s make the efforts to change its d’image from "fast adopter" à "true innovator."

Samsung was frequently accused of copying Apple et its iPhone design in the early smartphone days in 2011. Apple even sue Samsung in 2012, accusing the lentreprise of copy its iphone design. It was then, Bloomberg reported, that Samsung decided à "build an indisputably original product, et set itself apart."

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To it is in the first to relax a foldable smartphone for consumers would ont been a far-reaching achievement, et it would ont surely set Samsung apart. Foldable téléphone intelligent are arguably auto biggest innovation in smartphone conception since auto launch ns the iPhone. Castle allow smartphones to turn right into tablets, including a large degree of versatility à one du the most considérable devices in ours day-to-day lives.

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Samsung said ce spent eight year developing the Galaxy Fold, et the entreprise finally revealed ce to auto world during its Samsung Developer conference in November 2018 after years du rumors. The société eventually announced the full details du the Galaxy wrinkles in February 2019 and set a release cétait une date of April 26.

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

Hitting the April 26 release date would ensure the Samsung came to be the first smartphone maker to release a foldable smartphone parce que le consumers — beating Huawei à market. Huawei also announced that is Mate cf foldable smartphone in February through a release daté in thé "middle du 2019."

Essentially, à be perceived ont the innovator instead de the adopter to investors et consumers alike, Samsung may have rushed the release du the Galaxy Fold.

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Still, Samsung appears to ont learned indigenous a vault wide-scale debacle with thé Galaxy noter 7, a dangerously flawed device with which consumer discovered thé battery flaws themselves after buying auto phone. This time, the société delayed thé launch ns the Galaxy Fold rather than letting consumers find its defects.

Samsung is investigating the causes de the Galaxy wrinkles review tenir ensemble defects, et it hasn"t collection a nouveau release date for the device.