Imagine R Gerer Ma Carte

Thanks to thé Navigo service agencies in Paris et in Île-de-France, advantage from a personalized prestations de service in the subscription and management du Navigo Annual, Monthly et Weekly passes, et imagine R!

In an agency, you can subscribe to your Navigo Annual, Navigo Month, Navigo Week, or Navigo liberté +. You can likewise perform after-sales service on your Navigo pass. Choose your section.

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In année agency, get your Navigo pass and card on site et in une go.

To subscribe à your Navigo pass, remember à bring thé following documents to ours agency:

An ID,Your bank information (if you choose à pay par direct debit),A means de payment à la the first monthly payment (credit card, check or cash),Proof du address,

No need venir take a image with you, cette will it is in taken directly in our Navigo services agency.

You have the right to subscribe to thé pass of your choice conditions météorologiques a personalized Navigo paragraphe in a Navigo services agency jaune in RATP et Optile commercial agencies.For simplicity, elle can additionally perform these operations online at iledefrance-mobilites.frYou can likewise purchase this packages on the Navigo Discovery pass directly at thé Navigo prestations de service counter closest à you.

The Navigo libre + contract will certainly be directly loaded onto your Navigo pass or, si you faire not ont one, a Navigo passage will be issued venir you, responsible parce que le the contract.To i ordered it to the Navigo liberté + contract, when amie come, remember venir bring:

Your bank information,your Navigo pass si you already ont one,the supporting documentations if tu think you benefit native a decreased rate.

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Need aid managing her Navigo pass? non problem !

You can lug out toutes les personnes current after-sales operations (replacement ns card, edition de employer certificate, suspension du package, modification of bank information, reporting du loss jaune theft, etc.) at Navigo prestations de service or la publicité agencies RATP et Optile.For much more comfort, elle can also manage your pass online on iledefrance-mobilites.frYou can also aller to auto Navigo services Counter closest à you.

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require to sait the deal with closest to you or your itinerary parce que le the day?

Select thé Navigo services agency ns your choice,find that opening hours (Sales temps tab),and its assurance (Practical details tab), or consult auto agencies map.

Can"t uncover your agency? Perhaps cette is a RATP alloue of sale?

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Simple et fast, elle can additionally subscribe online! aller to partie "I manage my card" and:

Enter thé BIC et IBAN codes of your banque account,Download a image ID.

Upon validation du your request passant par our services, your yearly Navigo passage will it is in dispatched within 15 work (subject to poster- deadlines).

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Navigo services counters

They carry out current opération (replacement, révision of zones, suspension) linked venir your Navigo pass. After-Sales-Service

Your billet does no work? ont you perdu it? ont you been robbed? Would elle like to be reimbursed?

The Navigo découvrir card

Wether elle need a Month, Week or Day pass, the Navigo découvrir card is what you need!