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(seedjustice.org) - apple announced the iphones 11, 11 Pro et 11 Pro maximum in September 2019. They were climate succeeded by the iphone 12 mini, iphones 12, iphone 12 Pro et iPhone 12 Pro max in September 2020.

If you"re in auto market pour a new iPhone marqué you don"t want thé latest models, you"re in the right place.

The iphone 11 sits above theiPhone XRand is calmer available to buy from apple alongside the iphones 12 models. The iphones 11 Pro et iPhone 11 Pro max took the place ns theiPhone XS and XS Max, but while all are discontinued v Apple, amie might be able to comprendre hold du them elsewhere.

Here is how the 3 2019 iPhones comparer to help tu work out which is thé right one pour you.

You can additionally read our separate attributes on how the iphones 11 compares to the iphones XR et how the iphone 11 pro models comparer to the iphones XS models.


What"s auto same throughout the iphones 11 series?

ProcessorNo 3D TouchStorage optionsSoftware

The apple iPhone 11, iphone 11 Pro et iPhone 11 se mettre daccord Max all run on the exact same processor, prefer the iphone XR, XS et XS Max.

For 2019, the processor was auto A13 Bionic chip v a third-generation neural engine (it"s additionally in the iphones SE (2020)).The three models likewise come in thé same warehouse capacities - 64GB, 256GB et 512GB - none of which oui microSD.

None of the devices have 3D Touch nous board, with all opting for Haptic Touch like the iphone XR and the iphones 12 models, but all offer True tone technologyand a broad colour gamut.

All three models also come with an improved front caméra compared à their precursors offering a 12-megapixel lens, next-generation smart HDR parce que le photos and Portrait Mode, oui well ont Portrait Lighting.

Face identifier is nous board tous three models (as tu would expect) et it as well was enhanced compared venir older models v more angle supported. Toutes les personnes models launched oniOS 13, cible they would certainly now appui iOS 14, delivering thé same user experience and the same nouveau features.


What"s different in between the iphones 11 series?

Whilst the three iphone 11s share many similarities - including power, software et a similar (though no identical) design, there are a few differences to consider before you make her choice.

Camera capabilities

iPhone 11: dual cameraiPhone 11 Pro: tripler cameraiPhone 11 pro Max: triple camera

One du the henn differences between the iphones 11 series is their camera capabilities. The iphone 11 comes with a dual camera, when the iphone 11 pro models come with a triple rear camera.

The iphones 11 has double 12-megapixel ultra-wide et wide cameras with auto ultra-wide lentille offering année aperture ns f/2.4, while thé wide lentille has année aperture du f/1.8. The iphone 11 se mettre daccord models have a père 12-megapixel sensor setup, with thé same deux lenses ont the iphones 11, along with a telephoto lens offering an aperture ns f/2.0.

All models ont Night Mode, auto Adjustments, Portrait mode with advanced bokeh and Depth Control, Portrait bright with six effects et next-generation clever HDR parce que le photos. Auto Night mode is an extremely good, giving much meilleur low irradiate capabilities across all three devices.

The iphone 11 has 2x optical zoom out, numérique zoom up to 5x, if the iphones 11 professionnel models oui 2x optical zoom in, 2x optical zoom out and 10x numérique zoom. Thé optical zoom the end refers to auto ultra-wide-angle lens, allowing amie to volonté more in auto shot. Seulement un the pro models have 2x optical zoom in many thanks to auto third telephoto lens. The pro models also ont dual optical d’image stabilisation, if the iphones 11 has défaut optical la peinture stabilisation.


iPhone 11: 6.1-inch, LCD, 1792 cf 828, True Tone, Haptic Touch, 625nitsiPhone 11 Pro: 5.8-inch, OLED, HDR, 2436 cf 1125, True Tone, Haptic Touch, 800nitsiPhone 11 se mettre daccord Max: 6.5-inch, OLED, HDR, 2688 cf 1242, True Tone, Haptic Touch, 800nits

Display size differ between auto three iphones 11 models, ont they did à la 2018"s iphone XR, XS et XS Max and resolutions differ too through the iphone 11 providing a pixel density of 326ppi and the iphone 11 se mettre daccord models offering pixel densities de 458ppi. The 11 pro models are likewise brighter. You"ll notification this difference si you"re spring at the iphone 11 et iPhone 11 se mettre daccord models side-by-side cible otherwise, the iphone 11"s screen will be more than sufficient parce que le most users.

The iphones 11 pro has a 5.8-inch display like the iphones XS, the iphone 11 has a 6.1-inch display like the iphone XR et the iphones 11 Pro maximum has a 6.5-inch screen like the iphone XS Max.

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The professionnel models also have OLED display screens like their predecessors, allowing parce que le punchier colours et blacker blacks than the iphone 11 et its LCD screen, marqué again, this is seulement un really noticeable if you carré the tools together. The pro models faire haveHDR supportthough, i beg your pardon the iphone 11 go not, an interpretation you"ll see much less detail nous the la norme iPhone as soon as watching HDR-compatible content.

All models ont True ton technology et Haptic Touch.


Physical footprint

iPhone 11 Pro: 144 voir 71.4 cf 8.1mm, 188giPhone 11: 150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3mm, 194giPhone 11 pro Max: 158 cf 77.8 voir 8.1mm, 226g

As with thé display sizes, the physical footprint between the three 2019 iphones differs.

The iphones 11 se mettre daccord is thé smallest and lightest, followed par the iphone 11 et then the iphones 11 se mettre daccord Max. With auto frosted glass finished nous the iphone 11 pro models though, the iphones 11 Pro max doesn"t look as big ont the iphones XS max did. It"s année optical illusion of course, but for those that wanted auto larger model marqué thought ce looked to super in 2018, tu might find yourself thinking in different way here.

The iphones 11 is a great in-between machine in terms ns size though.


iPhone 11: double camera, aluminium frameiPhone 11 professionnel models: tripler camera, stainless steel frame

While the design is similar across thé three 2019 iPhones, with tous offering a notch nous the prior at auto top du the display, there space differences nous the rears, as well oui material choice.

The iphones 11 se mettre daccord models oui a square caméra housing with three caméra lenses, if the iphones 11 has actually a twin camera. All models have an IP68 water et dust resistance rating, cible the se mettre daccord models have the right to be submerged up à four-metres parce que le 30 minutes, when the iphones 11 can only be submerged up venir two-metres for 30 minutes.

The se mettre daccord models also have a textured matte glass and stainless steel design, when the iphones 11 is fabriqué form aluminium et standard glass. In thé flesh, the pro models room really beautiful, particularly in the green et gold colour options. They look an ext premium than the iphone 11 but this is something you will seul notice once they are prochain to each other. Otherwise, the iphone 11 is a lovely, solid machine in its very own right.

Battery capacities

iPhone 11: Up à 17-hours, wireless chargingiPhone 11 Pro: Up venir 18-hours, wireless chargingiPhone 11 se mettre daccord Max: Up to 20-hours, wireless charging

Batteries were declared to have improved parce que le the 2019 iphone models when they first launched, and while sexcuser doesn"t detail particular capacities, they did boost in our experience. The iphone 11 is said à last up to 17 hours, when the iphones 11 professionnel is said à last up venir 18 hours and the iphone 11 Pro max is said to last up venir 20 hours.

We were really impressed with the battery sapin of 2019 gadgets though throughout our testing. Both the iphones 11 et iPhone 11 max will see amie through a day et evening without a trouble in ours experience.

All 3 models sell wireless charging cible none oui reverse wireless charging nous board. All three models are additionally fast-charge capable, marqué only the professionnel models come with 18W fast chargers in thé box.

Colour options

iPhone 11: 6 coloursiPhone 11 professionnel models: 3 colours

Colour option vary in between the la norme iPhone 11 and the iphone 11 professionnel models.

The iphones 11 was easily accessible in Purple, Yellow, Green, Black, White and Product(RED) once it life arrived. They were more muted than they were pour the iphone XR et lovely ont a result.

The iphone 11 pro models were accessible in Midnight Green, Silver, an are Grey and Gold. The Midnight Green et Gold space fabulous and really pavillon out, especially with thé matte rear.


iPhone 11: from $699/£729iPhone 11 se mettre daccord models: from $999/£1049

Pricing between the iphones 11 et iPhone 11 professionnel models unsurprisingly differs.

The iphone 11 started at $699/£729when it tons launched, the iphones Pro started at $999/£1049 et the iphone Pro max started at $1099/£1149.As mentioned, seulement un the iphone 11 is easily accessible through pomme now, et it is cheaper, cible you might still find auto 11 Pro et 11 Pro max at a great price somewhere else now they oui been succeeded.


The apple iPhone 11 is thé cheaper loption of the three 2019 iPhones et it"s great value. Pour many, cette will be the one to buy from this trio de handsets.

The iphone 11 pro models market some an excellent features, specifically caméra capabilities, design materials and better displays, marqué they room also specifically pricey compared venir the défaut iPhone 11.

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The iphones 11 offers more colours than the professionnel models, even if it isn"t as premium in design, it sits in auto middle in terms of size and while it misses out nous a couple of features compared to the se mettre daccord models, such oui optical zoom in terms de camera and a punchier display, it still provides a great caméra with Night Mode et brilliant results.