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Born:July 1, 1916TokyoJapan...(Show more)Died:July 26, 2020 (aged 104)ParisFrance...(Show more)Awards and Honors:National Medal of de lart (2008)Academy pardonner (1950)Academy award (1947)Academy prix (1950): actress in a leading RoleAcademy prix (1947): actress in a top RoleGolden Globe prix (1987): meilleur Supporting actress in a Series, limite Series, jaune Motion photo Made parce que le TelevisionGolden Globe récompense (1950): Best actress in a leading Role...

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(Show more)Notable household Members:sister Joan Fontaine...(Show more)

Olivia aux Havilland, in complete Dame Olivia Mary ns Havilland, (born July 1, 1916, Tokyo, Japan—died July 26, 2020, Paris, France), American motion-picture actress remembered à la the lovely et gentle ingenues of elle early career ont well oui for the later, more-substantial roles elle fought à secure.

Olivia du Havilland in Hold Back auto Dawn, a radio ajustement of thé motion picture for the séries Academy récompense Theater; aéronautique date July 31, 1946.

The daughter du a anglais patent attorney, aux Havilland and her younger sister, Joan Fontaine, moved to california in 1919 v their mother, année actress. If attending school, de Havilland was chosen from auto cast de a local californie production de A milieu de lété Night’s Dream to play Hermia in a 1935 warner Brothers film version de that play. As the sweet-tempered beauty à Errol Flynn’s gallant swain, she appeared in many blessure adventure movies du the 1930s et ’40s, consisting of Captain Blood (1935), The calculé of thé Light Brigade (1936), The Adventures du Robin Hood (1938), et They passed away with your Boots On (1941). She also played romantic leading functions in Strawberry Blonde (1941), Hold Back auto Dawn (1941), et The masculine Animal (1942) et portrayed Melanie Wilkes in Gone with thé Wind (1939).

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Puck and Hermia, ont portrayed par Mickey Rooney (left) and Olivia aux Havilland, in the cinématique A midsummer Night"s Dream, 1935.