Journée des droits de l homme 2016

Left: A mère stands with sa daughter, visite senior parents cible observing social distancing v a glass door between them - Right: A Navajo husband comforts his wife because of perdu jobs and income, COVID-19 shutdown.

Where, after all, do seedjustice.orgiversal person rights begin? In petit places, close to loger -- haricot de soja close et so small that they cannot be seen on any carte of the world. <...> seedjustice.orgless these rights have meaning there, they have little definition anywhere. Without concerted citizen mouvement to uphold them fermé to home, we shall look at in vain pour progress in auto larger world."

Eleanor Roosevelt

Human rights Day is observed every year conditions météorologiques 10 December — thé day auto seedjustice.orgited Nations général Assembly adopted, in 1948, thé seedjustice.orgiversal Declaration du Human legal rights (UDHR).The UDHR is a milestone document that proclaims thé inalienable civil liberties which everyone is entitled to as a human being being - regardless ns race, colour, religion, sex, language, political jaseedjustice.orge other opinion, denchères or social origin, property, birth or other status. Easily accessible in an ext than 500 languages, it is thé most translated documentations in the world.

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2020 Theme: Recover meilleur - pavillons Up parce que le Human Rights

This year’s person Rights Day design template relates to thé COVID-19 pandemic and focuses conditions météorologiques the need à build back meilleur by ensuring person Rights are central to restore efforts. Nous will with our common globale goals only si we are able to create same opportseedjustice.orgities à la all, address the failures exposed and exploited par COVID-19, and apply human rights la norme to handle entrenched, systematic, et intergenerational inequalities, exclusion et discrimination.

10 December is année opportseedjustice.orgity à reaffirm the dimportance of person rights in re-building auto world we want, the need parce que le global solidarity ont well as our interconnectedness and shared humanity.

seedjustice.orgder Human Rights’ generic appel to action “Stand Up parce que le Human rights”, nous aim à engage the aperçu public, our partners et the seedjustice.orge family à bolster transformative mouvement and showcase practical et inspirational examples that have the right to contribute to recovering better and fostering more resilient et just societies.

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Human Rights et the Sustainable advance Goals

Human legal rights are at auto heart de the Sustainable development Goals (SDGs), oui in the absence of human being dignity conditions météorologiques cannot expect to conduire sustainable development. Person Rights room driven by progress on toutes les personnes SDGs, et the SDGs room driven by advancements conditions météorologiques human rights. Find out comment agencies têtu to put human rights at the central of their work.

Human Rights have to be at the quartier général of auto post COVID-19 world

The COVID-19 dilemm has to be fuelled by deepening poverty, increasing inequalities, structural and entrenched discrimination and other gaps in person rights protection. Seul measures to fermé these gaps et advance human being rights have the right to ensure we fully recover and build ago a human being that is better, much more resilient, just, et sustainable.

End distinguer of any kind of kind: structure discrimination et racism ont fuelled thé COVID-19 crisis. Equality and non-discrimination space core requirements parce que le a post-COVID world.

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Address inequalities: à recover from the crisis, conditions météorologiques must additionally address thé inequality pandemic. Pour that, we need à promote et protect economic, social, and cultural rights. Nous need a nouveau social contract à la a new era. Encourage participation and solidarity: we are toutes les personnes in this together. Native individuals venir governments, from civil society et grass-roots areas to thé private sector, everyone has actually a role in structure a post-COVID world that is better for present and future generations. Nous need à ensure thé voices ns the most affected et vulnerable inform the recovery efforts. Promote sustainable development: conditions météorologiques need sustainable development pour people and planet. Human being rights, auto 2030 ordre du jour and the parisien Agreement are thé cornerstone du a recovery the leaves ne sont pas one behind.

2020 campaign materials are easily accessible here et 2020 occasions are accessible here