King arthur: legend of the sword

"King Arthur: Legover of the Sword" is remembered as a box office bomb, but Guy Ritchie"s fantasy film deserves another look.

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The lademo epic The Green Knight offers a surreal take on an Arthurian legend, proving that despite being around for centuries there’s always a way lớn put the spin on the tales of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Movies inspired by these legends have sầu been popping up for decades, và here I will come khổng lồ the defense of one very, very, expensive sầu take on King Arthur that deserves to lớn be remembered for more than its box office implosion: King Arthur: Legkết thúc of the Sword.

The Guy Ritchie-directed fantasy epic was meant to be the first in a shared universe of movies because seemingly everything is nowadays, và Warner Bros. was so confident in this project they dumped around $175 million inlớn the production. But neither audiences nor critics were having it, và the movie whiffed out at around $140 million around the world, losing tens of millions for WB. But while the movie has been relegated khổng lồ the bin of great box office blunders, there are several reasons why this movie rules incredibly hard, and here I will list a few that will hopefully validate giving it another go (or even your first) and revel in this bonkers, once-in-a-lifetime take on the legkết thúc of King Arthur.

The Fantastical Visuals/Production Design

king-arthur-legend-of-the-sword-excalibur Image via Warner Bros.

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Legend of the Sword uses its opening minutes khổng lồ show off elephants that make the Mûmakil from Lord of the Rings look lượt thích French bulldogs completely annihilating soldiers on the ground and bashing down structures. Looking at that balls-to-the-wall sequence – as well as other the insane mix pieces – it’s no wonder where the price tag came from. But Ritchie & his team used every penny khổng lồ craft a wild fantasy adventure that establishes its own quality world filled with gnarly creatures, superpowered swordplay, diabolical magic, và arresting production và costume kiến thiết – much of it brought khổng lồ kinetic life with James Herbert’s editing. Fantasy movies are a gamble (as made clear here), but everything was put on the line khổng lồ make Legkết thúc of the Sword a high-fantasy blockbuster that brought the genre into lớn the modern movie landscape, and it looks và feels lượt thích something we’re likely not going lớn see again any time soon.


Guy Ritchie’s Direction

king-arthur-legend-of-the-sword-guy-ritchie Image via Warner Bros.
Ritchie is one of those directors where even if his movie isn’t great, they still have a distinct sense of style and madcap energy, and with Legkết thúc of the Sword, he brings it all together to lớn infuse what was arguably a blank kiểm tra with a brazen ferothành phố. His hallmarks – from the kind of action seen in Sherlock Holmes lớn the cast interplay of Snatch – help give sầu the impressive sầu visual scope the needed energy to feel like more than just empty CGI, all while setting the plotting apart from the many, many other films of the medieval genre. His decision with the co-writing team lớn give this origin story a gritty, grime-y gangster feel to lớn it could’ve sầu been a turn-off for some, but that style is simply something he does so well that with Arthur’s gutter-to-greatness arc it works quite well, infusing a fantasy adventure with a heist-movie feel that further gives King Arthur a distinct personality in an age when so many bloated blockbusters are duller than a cardboard Excalibur.