Last flag flying : la dernière tournée

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Richard Linklater
28 September 2017
124 minutes
3.21 / 5.0 0.5 from 240 ratings
#174 parce que le 2017, #9,479 overall


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United States, Color, literature Adaptation
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Last Flag Flying
Last Flag paris : La dernier tournée (tr/fr)اهتزاز آخرین پرچم (tr/fa)ラスト・フラッグ・フライング (tr/ja)라스트 플래그 플라잉 (tr/ko)A melhor escolha (tr/pt)La última bandera (tr/es)
your_mother peut faire 18 2020 2.50 stars
onethink Oct 11 2018 3.00 stars
ns tend to divide Richard Linklater’s film between the core films et the la publicité films. The core film are centred on characters, but aren’t character études in a classic way, rather it feels oui though conditions météorologiques are hanging out with a bunch ns people, acquiring to à savoir them in much the same way oui we volonté to sait people in ‘real life’: we don’t get deep understanding into auto characters in auto way realist récit often attempt, rather nous find out a series of traits jaune attributes held by the characters. The publicité ones tendu to be fémur like School du Rock, a film I like, but think of ont essentially a well fabriquer Hollywood entertainment. Climate there was tape – that didn’t yes, really fit. A dépense of a play ce develops its characters in a timeless way et the choppy visual sacrés seems imposed conditions météorologiques the material, fairly than adhering to from cette in auto way it does in auto core Linklater films. Critical Flag flying feels favor a companion pièce to Tape. At tons I thought ce was based nous a play: it is dialogue and actor moved – after a while i realized there were more than likely too countless scenes à la it venir be a play, cible it was from a novel et it feels like a faithful adaptation. Et there’s naught wrong through a cinématique being conversation driven and, ont we have to expect native a Linklater film, the puissance are an extremely good, but I’m no sure quel Linklater is doing. His techniques are strangely anonymous, as though hey is seul following on, lacking any good interest in thé material. He obviously cared about the performances, marqué I’m not persuaded he lien with the characters in any type of meaningful way. Et the characters aller what they faire in realist narratives, lock develop ont we uncover out much more about lock – marqué I constantly found the puissance overwhelmed the characters. Cette felt like an exercise in acting. Cette is based nous a novel by Darryl Ponicsan – not a novelist ns know cible he likewise wrote the Last Detail et Last Flag paris is often seen oui a companion piece to thé earlier film. I’m no a great fan of the Last Detail, feeling that is also a car for big actorly performances. That a novelist writes characters that end up being means for actors to do super performances no really make sense, cible it’s the seul real connection I deserve to feel between thé two films.

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dogwithattitude apr 22 2018 3.50 stars
you know, it can't possibly habitent up to thé Last Detail et why should it oui to? Linklater has actually released another quiet mid career cinématique that justifies itself marqué doesn't shoot pour the stars. Its reservation feels sincere et it doesn't offer countless easy answers. Why can't over there be more quiet movies?
blair23 Mar 28 2018 3.00 stars
i would generally be against this kind ns movie. It's soja talky et it has actually virtually ne sont pas female characters. It's so old-male. Cible Linklater knows comment to command this ship since has done ce before, in the avant Trilogy. He has a frais grasp of conversations and how people sound. Concéder the actors are great especially Cranston that is a hoot and a half.

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machchapuchchare jan 14 2018 4.50 stars
Last Flag Flying
Ideally auto movie it's thought about a sequel ns "The critical Detail" de Hal Ashby (1970). In reality both the movies space taken indigenous subjects and novels passant par author Darryl Ponicsan et the story de "The last Detail" some way it's the same du the three protagonists once they were young and they served parce que le their country in Vietnam in the corpy of the Marines. At thé time in fact auto three were using morphone to survive venir the souligner of thé war et when regrettably a masculin was dying they had not morphine à give à him who passed away in a an extremely tragical and suffered way. Because du this one de them, Larry "Doc" Sheperd (Steve Carrell) was conducted venir jail. Many years later on in December 2003 Larry does unexpectdly appear again right into the habitent of his old fellows barist sam Nealon (Bryan Cranston) et past Richard Mueller (Laurence Fishburne). Auto two are an extremely surprised à see him et when cette told them hey wanted their companion to comprendre the corps of his died son during auto war in Iraq indigenous Arlington to his hometown in Portsmouth in nouveau Hampshire, lock decided à accompany him et they discovered after so many years and despite thé differences à be still friends. It's a movie the does raconter a an extremely suffered story and that's not a propaganda about the Marines and the war. Nous the other hand it's very vital about thé Iraq war and also auto Vietnam, it's against the aggressive east politics ns the us Army. Marqué on the différent hand it's also around three friends that did experience together a relevant and influential part du their lives et because de this they gained a feeling that will certainly never marche away et it's a movie about people loving their country. Some method it's patriotic, something nous are going to consider oui it to be necessearily mauvais but that efficiently it's nous the différent hand a qui appartiennent feeling because cette does mean you feel proud du what elle did et not because tu served someone marqué because you did think in something. Shit prefer war et racism didn't mean a fuck this sense.

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laserx54 Nov 17 2017 2.00 stars
Wastes an incredible cast nous a tepid story about grizzled vets et the ravages ns time. Honestly, that wouldn't want to aller on a road trip with Walter White, michael Scott, et Morpheus? what should oui been a go in auto park turns into a laborious slog. Linklater punches well below his weight below with thinly sketched characters, an overly maudlin story, and corny dad jokes. Cranston is the seul thing that makes this watchable as the drunken lothario that acts an awful beaucoup like jack Nicholson (much ns this cinématicien cribs from auto Last Detail). Cible even cette can't make up à la the religious, et even patriotic scenes later on on, which room downright Spielbergian in your execution.
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