This association's henchmen goals are auto practice ns American Football, Flag Football, Cheerleading and Esport, in a playful, cultural, amateur spirit.

The éclat of ns Courneuve is a sports association created in February 1984, who object is the amateur practice of American Football, Flag football, Cheerleading et Esport, in leisure et competition, in a recreational, multicultural and citizen spirit.

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On 30 June, the club had 1813 members, both male and female, split into 7 partie ranging from auto Elite Seniors, who contend in the french 1st division championship et European competitions, to the Benjamins section, i beg your pardon allows parce que le the playful discovery of our different disciplines.
This association is recognised transparent France pour its sporting results, i m sorry make cette the most successful société in France, et for that is ability venir train players and coaches of international level. But outside the facile framework of American Football, individual development within a dynamic team is additionally a règlement concern, i m sorry is why Le la vitesse is additionally a place à la training, informal jaune professional common aid et exchanges.

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Their educational tasks outside the des sports field, their know-how and dynamism in the hôte of events, as well ont the diversity du their initiatives, undoubtedly boost their reputation v a abonde public and contribute greatly à their recognition.
Since the creation, Le flash has always oriented its breakthrough towards a well-known practice open up to ont many people oui possible. V the du quotidien work of its members, the société shows that is will to bring to toutes les personnes its members, everything their level, conditions of practice et supervised des sports sessions, safe, evolutionary, having been thé subject of a pedagogical reflection, if continuing venir defend values of solidarity in auto effort et sharing in the learning ns knowledge

seedjustice.org Sport pour Good foundation a charitable société limited by guarantee and registered in England et Wales (Company num 05083331) and registered charity (charity alors 1111364). Registered bureau is at 15 Hill Street, London, W1J 5QT.

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