Beautiful celebrity: lee min jung sweet girl from boys over flowers

Lee Min Jung is a pretty Korean Actress. Don’t estimate her acting although she seldom got the main female lead. Lee Min Jung is best known for her role as Ha Jae Kyung in idol drama Boys Over Flowers.

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Some fans may be ignore her appearance in Boys Over Flowers, as her character is not so popular as Koo Hye Sun, Kyên ổn So Eun, Han Chae Young. But her pretty smile và short haircut began lớn rise up Lee Min Jung in Korean Entertaiment industry.

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Lee Min Jung Bikini


On August 2009, Lee Min Jung uploaded photos of herself in a bikini onto her Cyworld while she was in Bail Isl& recently for a photoshoot. And fans who viewed the photos said afterwards that they were particularly envious of her good body figure.

Lee Min Jung said happily about her trip và her nội y photos, “It’s like a paradise over there (Bali). It felt really great, lying on the beach chair, enjoying the warmth of the sun và the cool breeze. I was worried initially about posting the bikini photos, for fear of creating a big reaction. But thinking again, I already wore a đồ lót in Boys Over Flowers before, so what should I be afraid of… haha.”

Lee Min Jung new drama Midas

Lee Min Jung will be set together with Korean actor Jang Hyuk (The Slave Hunters), và Kyên Hee Ae (My Man’s Woman) to lớn play the leads in new series called ‘Midas’.

The drama revolves around the business world, dealing with securities, mergers, and acquisitions between companies. With this kind of drama, it’s expected that Jang Hyuk’s character is described as M&A shark. Lee plays the role of a young woman who just graduates from nursing college và starts working at a large general hospital. Meanwhile, Kim’s character is described as an ambitious businesswoman. There are still no details about their characters since the drama is still a long way to lớn its airing.

Lee Min Jung is a natural beauty

Skinny, charm, & beauty is the right words khổng lồ describe Lee Min Jung. But some people are wondering if her face is natural or result of a plastic surgery. But Lee Min Jung is a natural beauty, even since in a high school.

Lee Min Jung Profile & BiographyName: 이민정 / Lee Min Jung (Yi Min Jeong)Profession: ActressBirthdate: 1983-Feb-16Birthplace: South KoreaHeight: 167cmWeight: 49kgStar sign: AquariusBlood type: OFamily: One older brotherTalent agency: Barunson Entertainment