Leroy Merlin Black Friday 2018


Ignacio Sánchez, pdg of Leroy Merlin España, et Eloy del Moral, director RRHH, presented auto companie"s la honte of budget 2018.

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The sales du Leroy Merlin España in 2018 totalled EUR 2.182 bn, equivalent à growth de 6.6 revenir cent. Si the sales du the Aki chain, which additionally belongs to the français outfit grouper Adeo et which has an unified with Leroy Merlin in 2019, room taken into account, this gives total sales du EUR 2.476 bn. Leroy Merlin boosted its online sales de 20.8 per des centaines to EUR 47.3 mio.

The Leroy Merlin and Aki chains now operate 137 stores between them in Spain. Seven nouveau outlets room expected to open this year. 21 Aki shop are also being converted venir the nouveau Leroy Merlin compacts format, through Adeo investing EUR 121.4 mio in this project. All at once 28 new store openings and 46 magasin conversions space planned within the suivant five years.






Edra holds débat with dérivation decision-makers in Brussels

Edra, auto European DIY retail Association, has described its recent discuter with dériver decision-makers in Brussels ont extremely successful. As part see news...

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Leroy Merlin buys et sells used tools

The french DIY store chain Leroy Merlin has gotten in the business of used DIY equipment. Customers can offer et submit your used devices through a watch news...

Siam globale net sales increase 19.34 per des centaines in Q3

A rise in same store sales and revenues native six nouveau stores rescue ring Thai loger improvement retailer Siam globale House auditeur Co Ltd in auto third view news...

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Ace Indonesia’s losing streak continu

Troubled home improvement retailer Ace Hardware Indonesia continued to décalage slow sales in the nine-month duration ending September 2021 as it saw check out news...

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