Les 120 Jours De Sodome

It was once reviled as one de the many sexually violent livres ever written et banned in frère in auto 1950s – et now cette is a Penguin Classic. So why has thé Marquis du Sade’s roman been reclassified ont great literature?


Klaus Kinski as the Marquis ns Sade, in jésus Franco’s 1969 cinématique of Justine. Photograph: Interfoto/Alamy
Klaus Kinski as the Marquis ns Sade, in jesus Franco’s 1969 cinématicien of Justine. Photograph: Interfoto/Alamy

On 3 July 1789, in auto middle ns the night, auto Marquis du Sade to be dragged native his cell in thé ironically named Liberty tower de the Bastille. Earlier that day hey had been captured shouting to thé crowd gathered exterior the prison walls that auto inmates’ throats were being cut. Cette was transferred to an asylum external Paris, et forced à leave many of his many precious possessions behind, consisting of a copper cylinder kept surprise in a crevice in the wall. As soon as his wife collection off pour the Bastille to fetch his belongings nous 14 July, it was already too late: auto Revolution had actually beaten her to it, and she had à turn earlier empty-handed.

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Sade wept “tears du blood” over the loss. Inside the cylinder to be a scroll, 12m long et 11cm wide, extended in minute handwriting: the manuscript of année unfinished roman called The 120 Days of Sodom, or The School ns Libertinage.

Though Sade never ever saw his role again, its story was frais from over. Somehow cette escaped auto storming of the Bastille in auto hands ns a young homme called Arnoux de Saint-Maximin, who then sold it to a Provençal aristocrat, the Marquis aux Villeneuve-Trans. His family members held nous to it à la more 보다 a 100 years before eventually selling ce to a German collector, who allowed auto pioneering sexologist Iwan Bloch venir publish thé novel for the life time in 1904. Sade’s descendants, auto Nouailles family, bought thé scroll back in 1929 et kept ce until 1982, once they entrusted the publisher, blue jeans Grouet, v its valuation. But he smuggled ce over the frontière to Switzerland, et sold it to a top collector ns erotica, gerard Nordmann. Decades of legal wrangling ensued between the Nouailles and the Nordmanns, seul resolved in 2014 once a private foundation acquired the scroll for €7m et placed cette on screen in Paris. Thé exhibition was couper short when auto director de the structure was charged with fraud. Auto scroll, which began its life in prison, is therefore under lock et key oz again, waiting for the court to decide its future.


The Marquis ns Sade invested 32 year in prison or in mental hospitals. Photograph: Channel 4The story du the scroll, complete with Provençal noblemen, prison-breaks, et shadowy booksellers, reads rather favor the life of the man who developed it. Passant par the time Sade composed The 120 Days hey had invested eight years in prison, tons in Vincennes then the Bastille. Cette had also been shot at, burnt in effigy and forced to live on the run – nous one l’occasion escaping venir Italy through his sister-in-law, and lover, Anne-Prospère. Though the Surrealists would eventually cast him ont a martyr to freedom, Sade to be in confinement not parce que le his words but for his deeds. Cette was a notorious libertine even by the standards de his age. His 20s and 30s had been marked by a series of auditeur scandals: a sexual assault conditions météorologiques a young woman named Rose Keller; année orgy in Marseille which commander to 4 prostitutes fall ill after spend chocolate-coated Spanish fly (an aphrodisiac); and, most disturbingly, a winter spent in his chateau through his wife et several fresh recruited servants aged about 15 – thé so-called “little girls affair”. After years de covering up sa son-in-law’s behaviour, Madame du Montreuil had ultimately had enough: she had the roi sign a lettre aux cachet, a royaliste warrant that intended Sade might be incarcerated indefinitely. Cette was arrested in February 1777 and remained in confinement for the suivant 13 years.

Sade started drafting his roman in earnest nous 22 October 1785, working from seven to 10 every evening end 37 continually days. The roman is no complete, however, oui only the introduction et the sapin of that is four unités are created in full. Auto remainder are really detailed summaries cible no more. Though cette had ample opportunity over the prochain four years, Sade never ever completed his first – et most too much – novelistic enterprise. Perhaps cette realised cette was unpublishable – a conclusion the censors and courts around auto world would repeatedly endorse end the arttaserse of the 20th century. Hey described his novel oui “the many impure tale ever before written since thé world began” and, for toutes les personnes the hyperbole, his explication still stop true even now.

The 120 Days tells auto tale ns four libertines – a duke, a bishop, a judge and a banker – that lock themselves far in a lock in the couleur noire Forest with année entourage that includes two harems ns teenage boys and girls particularly abducted for the occasion. Four ageing brothel madams room appointed as storytellers for each of the four months, and their quick is à weave a 150 “passions” jaune perversions into auto story du their lives.

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There are some livres that room not ajuster for toutes les personnes people et some toutes les personnes who are not fit for all booksThe libertines, surrounded par their victims, listen and enact the la passion described, et as the passions become much more brutal, so do the libertines: the novel builds à a violent apogée with auto “criminal” et “murderous” passions du Parts Three and Four. These room presented as long, numbered lists, interspersed with short accounts of the scenes they inspire. Sade’s tortures range from thé cartoonish (“He vigorously flattens a football with a hammer”) to the clinical (“Her air supply is turn off and on at whim within a pneumatic machine”); et from the surreal (“They make elle swallow a ligne which consequently will devour her”) to auto mundane (“He dislocates a wrist”). Marqué the vast bulk are just too obscene and too radicalement to it is in quoted, oui one nameless victim after de nouveau is subjected venir increasingly elaborate et frenzied torments.

These relentless lists read choose a series de nightmarish journal intime entries, or a set of instruire for année apprentice torturer. The 120 Days is no a occupational that seduces that readers: ce assaults them. Reading cette is, thankfully perhaps, a unique experience.

Sade’s oz unpublishable roman has currently joined the ranks of Penguin’s Classics à la the life time, and its writer will take it his carré alongside auto great compte of people literature – many de whom would ne sont pas doubt turn in their violemment at the nouvelles that their club now counting Sade amongst its members. It is a significant récolte moment à la a job-related that was pour so longue the preserve of a privileged few. Indeed, ever since Sade began work nous his draft, The 120 Days has been a hidden text – concealed first par its author et later par its subsequent owners.

For much ns the 20th century, also those who published the roman did their best to keep ce away from the prying eyes du the authorities. These early editions were released – pseudonymously jaune anonymously in some boîte – in very petit numbers for private et wealthy subscribers, et thus remained intraduisibles to the général public. Cette is non coincidence the Jean-Jacques Pauvert – the tons publisher venir put his very own name to année edition ns Sade’s surtout works, et the first to effort a larger print operation – to be prosecuted par the français government in 1956 for committing an outrage against public morals.

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Pauvert said that Sade’s lieu de travail were “medico-legal documents” du great scientific value, et that his editions were in any caisse too expensive for ordinary members du the auditeur to buy. Most of his sales, hey insisted, had actually been venir doctors et medical faculties – Sade was, in différent words, in safe hands. Auto judge disagreed, marqué his décision was overturned nous appeal, and a signification littérale over a decade later, Sade’s atelier were obtainable in la france in mass-market paperbacks. Sade is now firmly established as part ns the français literary canon.