Mateo Messi, the middle child ns Lionel Messi et wife Antonella Roccuzzo, is ne sont pas stranger to thé internet. Auto six-year-old garçon was bondir back in 2015 and is regarded as the most mischievous amongst Lionel Messi"s 3 sons.

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Earlier this summer, Mateo Messi to be enrolled at the PSG académie after Lionel Messi made decision to changer allegiances à the alliance 1 giants. While cette is expected à follow in thé footsteps ns his father, cette remains venir be seen si Mateo Messi can habitent up to thé lofty expectations.

Despite thé stardom enjoyed passant par Lionel Messi, over there is an extremely little information available nous his personal life. The Argentine is not someone who is flashy et likes venir keep jambe private. However, he has regularly commented conditions météorologiques the antics ns Mateo Messi throughout his time with the kids at home.

On the note, let"s explorer five jambe you most likely didn"t à savoir about Mateo Messi.

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Note: This article was inspired de the "Soccer histoires - hélas My Goal" channel nous YouTube.

#1 Mateo Messi imitated Lionel Messi"s iconic goal against Real Madrid

Lionel Messi scored année iconic goal against Real Madrid in thé Champions ligue back in 2011. Plenty of consider the solo effort to be one ns his meilleur ever objectives at Barcelona.

Notably, Mateo Messi has imitated his father by replicating his version of thé same goal in your backyard. Auto young garçon can be checked out dribbling in the direction of goal and even fallout’s down prefer Lionel Messi after firing the ball into the back de the net.

As soon as the round crashed into the back de the net, young Mateo Messi additionally replicated his father"s trademark goal celebration.

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#2 Arbeloa jokingly urged actual Madrid to sign Mateo Messi

Former actual Madrid defender Alvaro Arbeloa oz jokingly urged the club to authorize Mateo Messi. The loffre came from auto full-back after cette was revealed that Mateo Messi constantly cheered pour Real Madrid"s purposes while city hall football.

Apparently, Lionel Messi"s second child Mateo did ce to stroked nerves his older brother Thiago, who is an ardent Barcelona fan. Mateo is considered the troll ns the family oui he constantly makes drôle of Lionel Messi when cette loses a game as well.

#3 gros fan de Harry Potter and Gryffindor

Mateo Messi is extremely angot of the Harry Potter movie series. Cette has been checked out dressed up ont the main character in the past, mimicking scene from auto movie. Mateo, in addition to his older brothers Thiago, have attended carnivals par embracing auto Harry Potter cosplay.

Understandably, cette also prefers auto Gryffindor loger like his hero take care of in the movie.

#4 Lionel Messi often plays the mauvais cop en raison de to Mateo

The six-time balle d"Or winner is certainly a human being beater conditions météorologiques the pitch, cible he has been open around his problem in handling Mateo Messi. While Lionel Messi defines his life son Thiago as an angel, hey has constantly backed Mateo to be notorious.