Rent a car in Figari Airport to discover auto South du Corsica, between BonifacioPorto-Vecchio and Bavella mountains.Our office at Figari airplane is perfect à la travelers wishing à pick up your vehicle ont soon as they arrive.Figari is the ideal établissement from which to découvrir the picturesque and atmospheric towns du Porto-Vecchio et Bonifacio.

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More generally, the petit town is a getaway to the southwest côte of corsica with its plenty of stunning beaches. Visitors who undertaking inland will have a chanceux to see auto spectacular Col du Bavella, v its remarkable views over the extensive forest.

All in all, tu can’t à faire without a là if you destinées to remain here!Our car hire firm is open up 7 work a week to provide flexibility to our customers.

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auto agency is located at thé airport pour you to be able à pick-up your là rental oui you venir in Corsica.

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yearly closure indigenous november 1st, 2020 venir april 4th, 2021From April 5th, 2021Monday to Sunday: 7.00am – 11.00pm

Visit Porto-Vecchio by car

The ville of Porto-Vecchio is seul 40 protocole away indigenous Figari du sud Corse airport. This ville is really famous in la corse : paradisiac beaches, and great entertainments has fabriqué it année unmissable spot.Among the beaches à be visited, elle will find santa Giulia, Palombaggia, Cala rossa, and also heilig Cyprien. Surprise treasures de nature, that tu will it is in able à enjoy during your holidays ! if you space looking for farniente, or at auto contrary, pour sports activities, Porto-Vecchio welcomes everyone.The beautiful beaches will certainly welcome you for a relaxing day. And if amie are looking à la sports activities, amie will be able à hike in thé maquis, jaune enjoy sea sports like water skiing.Our tip: année helicopter tour to enjoy thé view native the ciel !

Visit Bonifacio by car

The ville is simply venir be seen si you room visiting auto south du Corsica. Thé citadel, auto steps ns the roy d"Aragon, et the coves room stunning sites. The white cliffs have given venir Bonifacio auto surname du "picturesque capital" of Corsica.The ville is amazing oui it is built nous the cliffs : the best way venir discover Bonifacio is probably par boat, ont it reveals thé beauty de the cliffs, and the very unusual imeuble of auto city.From Bonifacio, tu can additionally discover thé Lavezzi islands : composed de many au sens propre islands, this emplacement is a safeguarded natural riserve. Numerous sea cruises room proposed venir visit thé islands, departing native Bonifacio.Finally, if you are a watersport lover, don"t échouer the beaches de Piantarella, Tonnara, Maora, Rondinara, jaune Balistra.