Metro grand paris ligne 15

While auditeur transport provides a an extremely good service to the city of parisien with an area ns only 105 km2 et a population of seulement over 2 million, auto surrounding et seamlessly lien cities of Greater parisien in auto “Île ns France”, with a more 10 million inhabitants, are really poorly connected, especially among themselves. The new métro network “Grand parisien Express” is intended venir remedy this situation. Thé project was made decision in 2011, restrictions started in 2015 and all lines have to be to work in 2030, carrying deux million passenger a day.

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The “Grand parisien Express” aims venir limit thé use ns private cars in favour of auditeur transport, promote economic development and provide meilleur connections between working et residential areas. Cette will administer efficient public transport in neighbourhoods the are at this time socially deprived and contribute à sustainable advance through its un tube on roadway transport, environmental abri and thé improvement of aviation quality.

Being Europe’s biggest urban development project, thé new métro is année investment in thé future. A total of €35.6 billion has actually been earmarked pour the construction of the énormément Paris Express, consisting of €7 exchange rate in provisions pour risks et contingencies. In addition, €3.5 billion is earmarked pour the modernisation and adapter of the existing network: present 11 and 14 and RER line E will certainly be extended and RER lines A, B, C et D will be modernised.


Along auto whole of the new network, the ville will it is in redesigned et densified. The restrictions of auto 68 stations de the énormément Paris express is already accompanied by urban tasks that will certainly accommodate thousands of people from Île-de-France. Nouveau residential and commercial locations will be built in thé coming years.

In the longue term, the new transport network is expected à increase auto Île-de-France region’s gross domestic product by more 보다 €100 billion. The investment in auto new métro should make this leading concis region in leurope  more attractive et competitive. The “Grand paris Express” should produce 115 000 tasks over 25 years. Thé social et economic benefits du the task are approximated at virtually €80 billion.

The network

200 kilomètre of automatic lines with 68 new stations will certainly almost doubs the Parisian secret network du 214 km. Add to this auto 587 kilomètre of urban and suburban river lines, et the result is a chemin de fer network ns around 1000 km with meilleur access à space 보다 Shanghai, Beijing, london or new York. With an average station spacing de around 3 km – compared venir less than 500 m for the city Paris métro – et trains travel at up à 110 km/h, take trip speeds of between 55 and 65 km / h will be achieved, much more than twice auto speed du the inner-city Paris métro lines.

This will allow direct and fast travel between thé suburbs without having actually to aller through the central of Paris, et better connections to the airports. It will also reduce thé load nous existing present (metro, RER, Transilien) in the city centre de 20 venir 30%.

A total of 20 Herrenknecht cave boring machines (TBMs) will be in operation simultaneously in the course of this year. De these, 16 space EPB shield machinerie with diameters from 7725 mm to 9840 mm, le 3 TBMs parce que le variable density with diameters from 7710 mm to 9830 mm and one droit shaft sinking machine à la diameters indigenous 8300 mm to 11 900 mm. In total, about 30 TBMs will certainly be in operation de 2030 à complete the entire network.

The gare will it is in designed as “transfer stations” to provide great connections between the automatic underground and toutes les personnes other modes of transport. 80% du the new stations will permit passengers to change to différent lines. Relations with other public transport, indigenous aeroplane to bicycle, will hence be efficient and comfortable. Castle will also be designed so that they room not seulement places du passage, but real life spaces open to the city, through services et shops that add to the vitality du the neighbourhoods and the quality of life of your inhabitants.

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In order to provide passengers through fluid and permanent access to thé Internet, stations and trains will be equipped with mobile and Wi-Fi networks. The combination ns these two la technologie will make cette possible venir obtain information, work, play, learn jaune simply accessibility personalised real-time informations about one’s journey. To promote the digital development de the paris Region’s economy, a high-performance fibre-optic network will be integrated into thé infrastructure along auto lines.

Rolling Stock

The existing heat 14 is at this time operated through rubber-tyred, 90 m longue 6-car trains, but the stations oui been designed with 8 carriages in mind, et in the a venir 72 former of belles MP 14 v a length ns 120 m, consisting ns eight 15 m longue carriages, will certainly run here.

The life vehicles ns the MP14 fleet has been put into publicité service nous Line 14, in between the stations Olympiades and Saint-Lazare on 12 October 2020. Until 2021 part 20 automatic metros will be yielded in 2021.

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On line 15, former in conventional wheel-rail modern technology will it is in used. The maximum length de these les trains will be 108 m, with 6 carriages du 18 m in length, which, with a width de 2.8 m comparer to the dimensions of the river trains, gives a capacity de around 1000 passengers tout de suite train. The capacity of the line at auto morning top will for this reason be roughly 30 000 passengers revenir hour, with a 2-minute interval. The très speed du 110 km / h will then permit a pilgrimage around parisien in about 80 minutes. énergie will it is in supplied par a 1500 v DC overhead line, with storage jaune regenerative braking of the kinetic energy released throughout braking.


Lines 16 and 17 will use comparable trains, cible with le3 coaches, seulement un half oui long as line 15.

In July 2018, alstom was awarded a €1.3 exchange rate contract pour 53 Metropolis former (30 for lines 15 et 23 pour lines 16 and 17) and in march 2019 autre contract for 23 additional three-car trains pour lines 16 and 17. A total of 133 trains are scheduled venir be in service on line 15 and up à 50 trains nous lines 16 et 17 de 2024.

Line 18 will likewise be developed using conventional an innovation with steel wheels nous steel rails. Auto carriages will be 2.45 ns wide and the les trains will consist de three jaune four carriages qui peut être of carrying 350 to 500 passengers per train. The énergie supply will certainly be provided passant par a third chemin de fer with 1500 v DC.


OnFriday 2 October 2020, Valérie Pécresse, President of Île-de-France Mobilités and of thé Île-de-France Region, thierry Dallard, Chairman de the management Board de the Société du Grand Paris, and Henri Poupart-Lafarge, Chairman et CEO de Alstom, revealed the brouillon of the future metros à la lines 15, 16 and 17 of Île-de-France at the inauguration de the exhibitionLes lignes aux design(Design Lines) which opens at the Fabrique aux Métro where tourists will it is in able venir see a model of the émergence metro.

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In la coopération with Île-de-France Mobilités, auto Société de Grand Paris, its prime contractor Systra et its conception agency RCP conception Global, et taking auto expectations of auditeur transport users into account, Alstom’s Design&Styling bureau has created an interior brouillon that uses a fluid, comfortable passenger journey. Thé interior layout ns the metros is designed à be both high in capacity and comfortable.

Further informations about the auditeur transport network de Paris consisting of maps et photos deserve to be found here:

The following animated cassettes vidéo explains the vaste Paris montré project and its vehicles: