sapin is happening online. Work. Play. Family et friends. puts your numérique life at her fingertips, simply et securely.


Auto-pilot for toutes les personnes your passwords clears obstacles, letting you volonté back to thé things you amour most.

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Log in et go

once you conserve a password in, you"ll always oui it when elle need it; logging in is fast et easy. created with Sketch.

Simplify digital shopping

as soon as you"re ready to do a purchase, your déposer will fill toutes les personnes your payment and shipping details pour you. produced with Sketch.

Generate strong passwords

the built-in password generator creates long, randomized passwords the protect versus hacking.

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Store numérique records

insurance cards, memberships, Wi-Fi passwords... Keep toutes les personnes your notes safe et easy to find.

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Share effortlessly

Some things shouldn"t be sent in a text. Conveniently et safely re-superstructure passwords et notes with anyone.

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Dark la toile monitoring

Stop worrying about data breaches. Importer alerts si your personal information is at risk.


Peace of mental everywhere you aller

Save a password once, et it’s instantly available nous a seul device type for Free. Through Premium, goes everywhere amie do, across all your devices.

Trusted de millions is trusted by industry compétence worldwide

tu deserve the le meilleur in security. keeps your informations private, secure, et hidden (even native us).