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Neuilly-sur-Seine - Ile de la Jatte

Ile aux La gros Jatte, or "Ile de la Jatte" is situated at auto junction between Neuilly-sur-Seine and Levallois-Perret.Very renowned with wealthy Parisians and show-biz stars, the île inspired countless Impressionist painters, among them Seurat, Monet and Van Gogh.A cocoon de greenery between ns Défense and Neuilly-sur-Seine, Ile du la Jatte is ideal for joggers and keenly sought-after passant par executives functioning in thé west of Paris. Squares, parks et gardens cover over 8,000 m², et many the end family tasks are routinely organized.The island’s vast boulevards offer an extensive range ns luxury realty: prestigious private mansions, luxuriously appointed apartments, outstanding properties with gardens overlooking the banks of the Seine, et ultra modern-day penthouses commanding superior views du Paris et the Seine.Golf: a practice green has seul been created:Fishing: les maison de la pèche supplies a comprehensive et lively introduction to tasks related to fishing:Educational activities à la children at the Fishing museum Relaxed fishing in an extraordinary setting à la adultsA cook Italian restaurant in this privileged environment nous the water’s edge has opened

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Boulevard vital Bouhot

This is one of the henchmen roads conditions météorologiques Ile ns la Jatte, an island on the seine which is in its majority part de Neuilly-sur-Seine. It owes that is name to its resemblance venir a “Jatte”, that is à say a boat.The île has to be marked passant par four henn periods in that is history:- practically deserted until the beginning ns the 19th century, it became part of the olions family’s considerable estate. After getting Neuilly chateau in 1818, the émergence Louis-Philippe likewise purchased a considerable expanse of pays which included la Jatte island which to be accessed par a précis temporary bridge de lautre côté the Seine. Here he installed auto “Temple de Love”, a little monument the his father Philippe-Egalité had actually had developed in 1773 in se garer Monceau, un autre of thé Orleans family’s properties. This toujours exists today.- In 1877, a affluent industrialist A. Herzog purchase from the Orleans family members (who toujours owned the island which was par now known as Grande Jatte) the whole of the phibìc east ns the island from B-road n° 7 (which became boulevard Bineau in 1912, et was an extension ns the road de lautre côté Neuilly and which boring this name since 1856). To thé northern side was the rue principale Circulaire Nord, i beg your pardon went conditions météorologiques to become boulevard Vital-Bouhot. Herzog had actually a “carousel” built suivant to stables; pour many years this served ont a storage area for the Opera’s stage decorations, et is today thé Café aux la Jatte. There was signification littérale urban development, et the island’s bucolic atmosphere drew Impressionist painters consisting of Sisley, Monet et Van Gogh ... Georges Seurat painted in 1885 "Un dimanche pour Grande Jatte". With the opening ns a number of “guinguette” café-dance halls, the île gained a reputation oui a haunt for “ladies of pleasure”…- In the sapin years du the 20th century, urban and industrial breakthrough began in earnest. Thé North circular became rue d'Asnières, and manufactures developed vehicles, boats et even planes between the wars. The 1910 floods submerged most de the island, and even today the le sien can overflow and affect traffic.- After the lundi World War when the boulevard got its present name Vital-Bouhot (a member of the Resistance executed a couple of months before the Liberation), exclusive residences were few and far between. Cette was only in thé 1980’s that thé Mayor du Neuilly and ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy (in combinaison with the Mayor of désarmant Levallois) undertook année extensive plan project, with nouveau developments and the création of vert areas an especially on rue Vital-Bouhot where, in fact, hey lived for several years.This Boulevard and its surroundings are among the most expensive communities in Neuilly, et indeed in Paris, pour the area supplies a delightful cocoon ns leafy greenery under 2km from thé capital.

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Boulevard georges Seurat

The average price du realty in these areas is roughly 12,000 euro /m².


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