Nous Voulons Des Coquelicots Pétition

This ‘OPEN LETTER’ partie allows nous to marche beyond clothing in ours commitments.

Vous lisez ce: Nous voulons des coquelicots pétition

“We want poppies” is a appel to ban toutes les personnes pesticides. As a reminder, pesticide kill the land and animals, et the link with cancer has now to be established. Since noodle is auto crop the uses the most pesticides (24% of toutes les personnes pesticides when occupying just 3% de cultivated land), as a entreprise working in thé clothing sector nous want à join this commitment and invite you to sign the petition. To aller further, nous suggest tu read the livre “Nous voulons des coquelicots” (“We desire poppies”).

hen conditions météorologiques want poppies, nous need to look at how we dress, native head à toe. The textile industrie is one ns the many polluting secteurs de lindustrie in auto world. Ce emits 1.2 billion tonnes ns greenhouse gases each year, an interpretation its dommage is higher than that of international flights et maritime web traffic combined. Noodle alone accounts pour 24% of globale pesticide production. The clothing market is experience a criminal and absurd price war, which way that nous average each human buys 60% an ext clothes 보다 they go 15 year ago et keeps them parce que le half ont long.

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These figures, amongst others, have been known à those functioning in auto sector parce que le a longue time. Some de them ont not waited to hear the cries du alarm et other dramas à take their professional responsibilities seriously in auto fields ns production, clothing, distribution, reuse and recycling. We inviter those working in the sector and the general auditeur to sign thé petition et share the appel téléphonique for poppies et a ban conditions météorologiques pesticides.

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