Love heart clipart love heart clipart black & white christmas love clipart side border clipart không tính phí heart border clip art không tính tiền love clipart images. Park Shin Hye và Jung Yong Hwa Talk Heartstrings and Eachother Jung Yong Hwa said, “In the previous drama ("You"re Beautiful", I played Lee Kyu Won.

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Sinopsis Drama Korea Heartstrings Lee Shin adalah seorang mahasiswa dari jurusan musik modern Dia juga seorang vokalis dan gitaris dari band “The Stupid.” Shin dikenal karena ketampanannya dan semangat yang kuat untuk musik,,, namun pada kenyataannya ia orang yang dingin/pendiam,,, tidak memiliki kepentingan apapun terkait dengan musik dan memiliki mimpi atau tidak ada rencana untuk masa depan Dia awalnya suka kepada Jung Yoon Soo, seorang profesor tari di universitas, tapi ini semuanya berubah ketika ia bertemu denagan seorang gadis cantik bernama Lee Kyu Won.

• Drama: Heartstrings • Also Known As: 넌 내게 반했어/ Heartstrings / You"ve Fallen for Me / Neon Naege Banhaesseo / Festival • Category: • Genre: Music, Romance • Film Date: June, 2011 • Status: Complete • Episodes: 15 • Casts: Lee Hyun Jin, Park Shin Hye, So Yi Hyun, tuy vậy Chang Ui, Jung Yong Hwa • Subtitle: English Subtitles • Synopsis: Lee Shin is a university student majoring in modern music.

He is the vocalist of band "The Stupid" and also plays the guitar. He is known for his good looks và his strong passion for music, but is in reality a cold person who is uninterested in non-music related things & has no dreams nor plans for the future.

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Shin initially likes Jung Yoon Soo, a dance professor at university, but this all changes when he meets Lee Kyu Won.Lee Kyu Won is a bright & outgoing student who was born into a prestigious family và is majoring in traditional Korean instruments, especially the gayageum. Kyu Won"s grandfather, Lee Dong Gun, is one of the vị trí cao nhất 3 traditional musicians of his age, and his biggest wish is to lớn have his grand-daughter trained to lớn become a traditional music prodigy in 10 years" time. Trying to live up to lớn her grandfather"s expectations, Kyu Won immerses herself in training và becomes a university student who knows nothing besides traditional music. As Kyu Won"s friends are fans of "The Stupid", she was forced khổng lồ go lớn the band"s concert with them.

There she saw Lee Shin performing live, and is immediately captivated by him. • Online Version: • Premium HQ Downloads.

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