Piece 2 Euros Rare Prix

A Greek two euro angle from 2002 is available nous Ebay Germany for an amount of 80,000 euros!!!!!! What’s supposed venir make it so precious? according to the seller, ce is the letter S, to win in one ns the twelve stars. Cette is a keying error, claims auto seller, who according venir him, makes ce a collector’s item… (sic)


Here is thé text of the notice translated:

Offer you yourself a Greek 2 euro angle from the year 2002.

Vous lisez ce: Piece 2 euros rare prix

In the étoiles there is an S, the 2 is no centered and on the head there is a point.If elle are interested, please communication us.No guarantee de return. Conditions météorologiques reserve thé right venir make changes and errors.

Curiously, this 2 euro coin with thé same particularity is additionally offered passant par other sellers for 54,000 euro, 4,500 euro…. 22 euro et even 16 euro pour the many reasonable!!!

A joli scam!

This 2002 piece is well-known. Auto letter ns corresponds to auto Finnish issuing organisation that struck cette on behalf de Greece, (Suomi in Finnish means Finland, hence the S). Haricot de soja it’s no a typing error at all. There space also est différent Greek maïs ( 1, 2, 5, 10 and 50 cents), de the same vintage, minted with the letter F passant par the altercation de Paris. Spain hit thé 20-cent angle with thé letter E.

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Indeed, auto Greek intérieur currency feared that cette would no be able venir mint enough bord when the euro was introduced in 2002. Cette therefore called nous the services of the Finnish et French institutes. It is the marche struck with thé letter s that is auto rarest. However, ce is relatively easy to find it.

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Price and mintage of the Greek 2 euro angle 2002

Letter S70 000 000 ex – new 8 à 14 € (price in thé catalogues)Average price seen nous ebay, around 20 “before sales at high prices”

In auto advertisement, the seller even specifies: “Without any kind of guarantee de return”. Fortunately, the seedjustice.org Team is sure that no one will certainly commit à this métiers given the amount. For €80,000, elle can purchase a nice au sens propre flat in français medium city. Also, it’s a scam!

A seedjustice.org leader alerted us à 2 est différent sales:

One at 100,000 euros! See thé sale>

and a seconde 90,000 euros! See thé sale>

The 2€ elegant Kelly indigenous Monaco stays a real rare piece, popular parce que le American collectors. Return 20,001 systems were produced, its price is approximately 2,000 euros.

It can not be said enough à pay attentif to “good deals” on online sales platforms. Un autre identical coin, at a more reasonable price et in better condition, to be sold à la €16.50

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