Pink Floyd - The Endless River

Pink Floyd aren't hiding the basic truth behind quel will probably turn out venir be their last-ever album: 'The unlimited River' consists du leftovers from your last studio LP, 1994's 'The division Bell,' contains mostly instrumental tracks et was assembled oui a tribute venir keyboardist Richard Wright, who passed away in 2008.

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So si it sounds choose a collection of old outtakes at times, that's thé point. And if ce has more in common with the band's post-Syd Barrett, pre-superstardom prendre note than auto mid-'70s epics the turned on des millions of headphones-wielding fans, that's sorta auto point, too.

'The limitless River' sounds like ce was made de a band in transition. And in a way, that's pretty much what Pink Floyd are these days, with seulement un singer-guitarist David Gilmour and drummer Nick Mason left. Wright plays on these tracks, cible he's almost an ethereal spirit here, drifting above, below and alongside the songs with ghostly detachment. He gives 'The countless River' its acquainted qualities, cible he likewise gives it some purpose et some of its aimlessness.

As such, don't marche into the albums expecting 'The dark Side du the Moon,' 'Wish tu Were Here' jaune even 'The division Bell.' 'The endless River' is subtler, et less inviting, 보다 that. This is not an albums of songs sauce soja much ont it is a circonscriptions of ambient musique pieces, sculpted ensemble from leftover fragments of a 20-year-old album that, let's visage it, is ne sont pas classic.

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But surveiller like the opening 'Things Left Unsaid,' 'It's What nous Do' (whose synth et rhythm passage echo 'Welcome to auto Machine') et 'Allons-Y (2),' which features a signe searing Gilmour etc solo, remind fans that, before they became one de the planet's biggest rock bands, Pink Floyd to be scoring long, complex instrument de musique pieces for people à trip the end to.

Many du 'The limitless River''s 18 cuts space stitched together soja that it all flows together oui a 53-minute instrumental suite with separate sections. Unfortunately, ce doesn't constantly come together seamlessly. Thé sweeping 'Anisina,' a highlight, gives way venir 'The Lost arts of Conversation,' a short, snoozy piano-based route that leads a string du similar, less-than-two-minute songs that were most likely unfinished studio pièce in their original forms. Et the plodding 'Talkin' Hawkin',' which has a sampled 1994 commercial with physicist Stephen Hawking (and is a sorta sequel venir 'The division Bell''s 'Keep Talking'), is more novelty than a fully formed number.

So when Gilmour's voice cut through auto clutter on  'Louder than Words,' the closing track et the album's only souper with a command vocal, it's prefer a storage from auto past, reminding nous that 'The limitless River' is a Pink Floyd album.

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But the thing is, cette really isn't. It's an ext like a remix record du previously unreleased songs that seulement happened à be assembled by the artist who fabriqué the music. Cette may no be the final LP ventilateurs want indigenous one du classic rock's many beloved bands, but ont a closing-chapter tribute à both their late bandmate et lasting legacy, it's kinda fitting.