Plan Center Parc Bois Aux Daims

THE PROJECTIn Vienne, france a new centre Parcs resort has been build. The beautiful forested surrounding, i m sorry is loger to countless animals, offers auto perfect place pour this family members resort. The park is developed with la nature in mind and represents a common sanctuary of men and animals. The architecture of thé buildings blends right into the vert environment with auto use ns natural materials, such as wood.

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THE DETAILSThe resort de 260 hectares has 800 cottages. The cottages are spacious et light with gros windows et have an average size between 55 and 90 carré meters (up to 177 square meters parce que le cottages for 12 persons). Auto accommodations have a high étendard equal à a 4 star hotel. The central facilities naturally include an Aqua Mundo water park, restaurants, shops et playgrounds. But furthermore center Parcs ns Bois de Daims likewise has a bowling, 680 square meters of meeting space and a 1.300 square meters Spa. Auto resort also offers assorted outdoor activities.

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OUR was actively involved as assistant project directeur (AMO aider de championnat d’Ouvrage) in guiding and managing the development, construction et delivery de the park in time. M2L had a special se concentrer on leisure, catering, tropic planting, et signing. We were leading in the embobinages of auto outside playgrounds, waterpark slide package and water attractions, tropic planting, installation et start up of quartier général kitchens and toutes les personnes catering outlets, signing in et around the quartier général facilities. Our project directeur was part de the development and construction management team and on terre between October 2014 up until July 2015.

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Project Specifications

Client: Pierre und Vacances center Parcs Group

Location: Morton, wienne department, France

Size: 260 hectare with 800 units et 26.000 m2 of central facilities

Total investment of: 300 Million euros

Role In this project conditions météorologiques worked as the assistant task manager à la the quartier général facilities. Managing thé time et budget planning was our henn role.

Status: opened in célibataire 2015

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Our Competences:Project Management

Our Deliverables: work Support

Our Disciplines: F&B et Restaurants, Resorts