Plus beaux village de france

France is full of enchanting villages, and among the approximately 30,000 communes, there are certainly thousands of beautiful ones. However, officially there are precisely 159 Plus beau Villages aux France – 159 most beautiful villages de all. Marqué how deserve to there be such a precise figure? Easy! This is no a subjectif opinion; that the number of villages that belonging to année actual association. Les Plus beaux Villages ns France is a officially “club” ns 159 villages spread out across thé country, consisting of Corsica et the overseas territories.

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The criteria venir join the combinaison of Les Plus beaux Villages du France is strict. It includes having a population de under 2000 and at least two (2) historic monuments worthy du interest. There are many much more financial and practical obligations, as well. The combinaison was collection up in 1982 à help promote tourism and safeguard heritage in small la campagne locations.

Keep analysis here à la Phoebe’s original article, a blogger collaboration, around 30+ ns the Plus beaux Villages du France.

Villages in the Alpes Martitimes



Sainte-Agnès is a perched medieval village, 10 kilometre inland native Menton, in the southeastern corner of the classement d’Azur. This rocheux outcrop gracefully dangles at an la taille of 800 meter above thé sea. Since 1997, this medieval ville has been classified as one of das Plus beau Villages ns France. What’s more, this quaint ville also boasts thé title ns “highest coastal village in Europe.”



According à Pheobe, Gourdon bourgade in the Alpes-Maritimes department is located in an impossibly dramatic position. Ce literally clings perilously à a cliff over-looking the loup river gorge. Driving increase to ce from Châteauneuf du Grasse, elle catch your first view du this terrifically scenic bourgade from a practically pull-off conditions météorologiques the vertiginous road.

Pretty var Towns

Gassin Becks at access Riviera writes about this village.

Known oui one of the many beautiful ville in France, Gassin in auto Var department gets much more notoriety à la being a neighbour à Saint-Tropez. However, if you’re in thé area, don’t laisser aller visiting Gassin.

Gassin was oz a Moorish stronghold the was built oui a lookout point during auto time du Saracen invasions, haricot de soja its hilltop laure gives frais views of the surrounding vineyards et Gulf ns Saint-Tropez.

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The medieval village itself is small, which makes ce easy to explore in a few hours. Gassin has actually a couple of pretty churches, out wells (that were vital parce que le the city water supply) and one du the world narrowest streets, l’Androun, the measures seul 29 cm wide. Yes a cute shop in the village, loger des Confitures, the sells over 500 arrays of jam in glass jars topped v Provençal cloth – a great rappel to buy a flavour jaune two!




France is a nation blessed with countless picturesque vistas, marqué there is only une place through a dedicated étoiles hanging overhead – Moustiers-Sainte-Marie. Thé perched bourgade flanked de towering cliffs each other a Provencal nativity scene protected par a 150kg gold star suspended between auto bluffs. In 1981, Moustiers-Sainte-Marie joined thé ranks du the Plus beau Villages ns France, attracting visitors year-round.

Moustiers-Sainte-Marie is a hamlet with approximately 700 residents, cible the visitors swell that number on a summer weekend. Part of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence department, Moustiers is considered the gateway to thé Parc calmer Régional de Verdon. The park encompasses auto stunning Gorges ns Verdon, i beg your pardon is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.

Many visit thé town à la its reputation du exceptional ceramic artisans. Walk around the ville centre visiting the workshops wherein artists create timeless earthenware – faïence – high-quality porcelain with tricher glaze.

Do make a alloue of walking up the stairs (there are mortier of them) to the hillside chapel Notre-Dame ns Beauvoir, share a historic memorial in 1921. Depending on your physical ability, the walk to thé church will take 15- 20 minutes. Along auto ascent, you find auto 14 stations of the cross caractéristique local earthenware tiles. Elle can descente the exact same way or follow the trail towards the Sainte-Madeleine cave and enjoy thé village’s overhead views and Lac Sainte-Croix in the distance.

The lover Luberon


Perched on a craggy outcrop with its ago to auto Mistral wind, Ansouis is a gem de a village in Provence’s vaucleur that deserves the status ont one de les Plus beaux Villages de France. Ansouis sit in auto heart ns intertwined vineyards et endless olive trees. Walk the narrow laneways to the top of the village, by the church, pour expansive views du the énormément Luberon range and the Durance river Valley. Physically elevated above the main route between Aix-en-Provence et Apt, auto fortified hamlet’s inhabitants were listed visibility to en mouvement in thé area during auto Middle Ages.

Today, auto town remains a hamlet v barely more than 1,000 fixation residents. Oui a result du the compact footprint, Ansouis it is intended photo-ops at every turn. There are tiny alleys, houses built into old ramparts, stone facades v brightly painted shutters, et a medieval castle. Auto privately-owned intimement d’Ansouis is no open to the auditeur for guided access time at this time.

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Plan to arrive in Ansouis hungry and with a preventive at Michelin 1-star restaurant ns Closerie with seul 16 tables. Alternatively, crème glacée cream fans à faire not manquer L’Art glacial with 50 flavours produced by the Perrière family, who ont held the titles of maîtres Glacier and Maîtres artisans Glacier for two generations.