Post Generique Avengers Infinity War

Producer Kevin Feige provided the scoop on what is probably thé most impactful post-credits scene in the marvel Cinematic Universe

Phil Owen et
Umberto Gonzalez | February 21, 2018

(Major spoiler ahead à la “Thor: Ragnarok,” so si you haven’t seen ce yet you’ll most likely want à steer clear.)

So here conditions météorologiques are, after “Thor: Ragnarok” and “Black Panther” et no more merveille Cinematic universe movies in between us et the best theatrical superhero teamup ever before in this May’s “Avenger’s Infinity War.” with “Thor: Ragnarok” gaining its digital home cassettes vidéo release this week, it felt like thé right temps to revisit auto mid-credits step from the film, which leads straight into “Infinity War” and Thor conférence up with auto Guardians de the Galaxy.

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(Here’s an extra spoiler warning.)

(No, for real.)

(OK, here we go.)

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The third “Thor” flick attributes a whole bunch ns moving and shaking, v Asgard gift destroy et the Tesseract oz again gift in Loki’s (Tom Hiddleston) possession — though cette seems venir finally be a good guy, haricot de soja maybe that’s not also worrisome.

Or cette would be much less worrisome were cette not à la what occurred in thé mid-credits scene at the end du the movie. Thé Asgardian survivors, including Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Loki, Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) et Heimdall (Idris Elba) follow me with auto human Bruce bannière (Mark Ruffalo), are nous a spaceship headed à la Earth, cible their trip is interrupted by an unknown ship.

The scene does no make ce clear who ship that is jaune what’s going on, cible Marvel studio producer Kevin Feige provided the lowdown. And it’s a doozy.

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“We appel téléphonique it the Sanctuary II,” Feige called

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For those that aren’t automatically familiar through that delivery name, you’ll more than likely be fairly alarmed venir learn that’s auto name ns the flagship ns Thanos (Josh Brolin), thé MCU’s big mauvais who will ultimately take centre stage in “Infinity War” after operating on the fringes de the story for most of these movies.

We have previously checked out the d’origine Sanctuary a couple times before — it’s auto weird cosmic world where Thanos sat nous his throne in the life “Avengers” film as well oui the life “Guardians de the Galaxy.”

Sanctuary II, gift a an are ship, is more en mouvement than some celestial body like Sanctuary, and it would make sense venir find cette on the move ont we method “Infinity War.” It’s not, at least in des bandes dessinées lore, a superweapon.

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Beyond being the fixé flagship de his fleet, anyway. Thanos’ real weapon is his Infinity Gauntlet, i beg your pardon when linked with tous the Infinity Stones would provide him god-like powers over space and time.

But Sanctuary II’s apparent interdire of thé last living Asgardians stays hugely impactful pour setting the stage for “Avengers: Infinity War,” which when it kicks off will, apparently, uncover Thor in Thanos’ possession, at least parce que le a moment (it’s likely, ont is douaniers for thé stingers, the this scene is actually in “Infinity War”).

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We do know, however, that Thor will escape somehow — in the “Infinity War” trailer nous see him encountering thé Guardians de the galaxy et greeting them v a “who the hell are tu guys?”

So that’s where we are. Now to spend the suivant three months pondering how this will phat out.