This seasonhas had some very interesting và stressfuleliminations. I really don’t remember Season 1 being lượt thích this! It always seemed lượt thích the rankings were pretty logical every week, with the girls’ actions pretty much corresponding to their cấp độ of popularity. I was still nervous for the finale, but it was pretty easy lớn guess who would make it. There are a few trainees this season who manage to stay on top, but their rankings fluctuate so much it’s hard to keep up. At least we only have one more episode after this…I don’t think I can take much more stress!

*WARNING!* This recap contains spoilers for Episode 10! like I’ve said before, I’ve seen all of the episodes at this point…but I’m pretending lớn write like I haven’t.

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1)Men Doing Makeup:

I’ve grown up in theatre & dance, so I’ve seen guys putting on makeup before. But I’m still a Westerner, and most men I socialize with don’t care about their appearance much more beyond shaving and haircuts. So I still get such a kick watching Korean men carefully applying lip gloss or delicately powdering their faces. It’s funny because they vì chưng it so casually, likeJisung. He’s a total pro, & he’s handier with a compact than I am!



In a bit of hàng hóa placement, the trainees receive some Innisfree color Clay Masks. I’m notquite sure what exactly these masks vì (I assume exfoliation?), but they sure look fun. We see lots of silly faces, from random squiggles on Sungwoon‘s face lớn Jihoon‘s panda mask. Friendly rivalsJaehwan and Sewoon do each other’s faces.

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Guanlin pretends to be a “sexy bandit” but just ends up looking cute, as does original “sexy bandit”Dongho. & the other Pledis boys look pretty, as always.

Someone get this cutie a CFBONUS GIFS: My OG favoriteSungwoo clowning around as usual (being told he put on too much lipgloss & being extra with the face masks).