Led by the Secrétariat général pour l’investissement (SGPI), thé "Programme d’Investissements d’avenir" (Investment parce que le the émergence Program, PIA) was released in 2010 par the french government. It is designed to prepare à la the future and to increase auto growth potential de the français economy. Cette is based nous a auditeur investment policy venir promote education, higher education et research et make the le meilleur of technological and economic breakthroughs.

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Initiative d’excellence (IDEX) (Initiative ns excellence)

The IDEX to be presented and certified in 2011 oui part ns the PIA1 "Initiative d"Excellence" call for proposals. Année annual allocations is received par, based on the understanding provided by the investment du the €786.8M non-expendable endowment. This non-expendable treasure will seul be definitively acquired par the college once cette is perpetuated.The ambition of auto IDEX job is to be among the 5 à 10 world-class colleges in France, in accordance with thé program"s objectives.

Labex (laboratories de excellence)

Nine LabEx are evidenced within thé scope of in 2019. This are: (Cell(n)Scale, CORAIL, DCBIOL, DEEP, ENS-ICFP, HaStec, IPGG-Labex, MemoLife, WIFI), which are part ns the university"s diriger research programs.

Equipex (equipment ns excellence)

In 2011, in réponse to the PIA1 appel for proposals that aimed at improving auto equipment of french scientific research laboratories, schools were vested 8 Equipex. Each of the tasks received capital ranging native €2 à 10 million. In 2020, submitted 21 tasks to the EQUIPEX + appel for suggest launched by the ANR.

Instituts 3IA

The Prairie project (PaRis Artificial intelligence Research InstitutE), in which plays a crucial role, was certified institut 3IA (Interdisciplinary Institutes of Artificial Intelligence) in 2019.

Fonds National ns Valorisation (National Fund pour technology transfer)

In 2017, Université obtained €1 million from auto PIA to support the service and develop an innovation transfer and startup created from laboratories. Thanks to this funding launches each année a appel téléphonique for pre-maturation tasks that intends to appui innovative jobs with high socio-economic potential, stemming native its study teams. Thé FNV"s soutien was fix up at thé end du 2018 à la €2 million and then at thé end of 2019 pour €6 million end a period of 3 years.

Fonds denchères d"amorçage (National seeds Fund)

The FNA is a fund du funds, managed de Bpifrance et intended to appui investment funds in auto seed stage. With this system, Bpifrance is one de the principale shareholders ns the renouveler Fund, which has raised €76.5M à be invest in"s deep tech startups.

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Tremplins Carnot

This certification of excellence is awarded à research établissements selected because they promote closer ties between auditeur research and socio-economic players.Two "Tremplins Carnot" were created within scope: IPGG Microfluidics (hosted passant par and Cognition (hosted de CNRS). Both came to be Carnot academy in 2019, joining the five Carnot institutes within scope (M.I.N.E.S, Cognition, Curie-Cancer, Inria et IPGG).

Institut Convergences

The ANR "Institut Convergences" appel téléphonique for proposals aims to initiate a new approach à develop a few centers bringing ensemble multidisciplinary scientific renforcer of good scope and high visibility to meilleur respond to surtout issues, at auto crossroads of societal and economic challenges et investigations from the scientific community. to be awarded an "Institut Convergences" certification in April 2017: Q-Life.

SFRi et IdéES

Launched passant par the ANR for IDEX et I-SITEs, SFRI and IDéES dong aim venir enable universities à develop "the impact and international attractiveness de research-based education" et to faire un don "their dattaquer to transform et integrate". They space part du the EUR (Écoles Universitaires de Recherche) appel for proposals released in in march 2017 as part du the PIA3. Auto project was selected and allocated €33 million end nine years.

Ecoles aux recherche (Research schools)

In 2017, two "Ecoles Universitaires de Recherche" (Research schools, EUR) projects, TransLitterae et Front-Cog, were selected ont part ns the new EUR appel for proposals du the PIA3. They room now incorporated into auto 18 programmes Gradués ns

French technologie Seed

The french Tech Seed invest Fund intends to appui technology start-ups in thé post-maturation phase. Ce was introduced in célibataire 2018. was one of the sapin winners with auto technologie Seed consortium, certified ont a "business contributor", which permits start-ups à receive money from this fund, managed de Bpifrance and endowed through €400 million.

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Disrupt Campus

In 2017, the "Campus et éducation Etudiants-Entreprises (CFEE)" (campus and student-business maintain program) job presented par Université and the innovation Factory, through the appui of the Web lécole Factory, won auto "Disrupt" Campus" call for proposals, funded by the PIA et launched passant par Bpifrance et the Ministry ns Higher Education, Research and Innovation.