Programme Festival Avignon Off 2019

Each July, auto entire ville of Avignon turns into a gorgeous gigantic theatre. It has two strands, the main fermé (the "In") and the fringe (the "Off"). In 2021 the In operation from 5-25 July et the la fin runs 7-31 July.

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The Avignon In and Off festivals were both cancelled in 2020 périmé to the coronavirus pandemic. The seul time this has actually happened previously was in 2003, once the bien sur was shut under because of industrial action by théâtre workers.

However all was not entirely lost. A week-long mini-event caractéristique some de the cancelled shows - and some new ones also - ran in late October.

The fermé returnedin 2021. The themes were described oui "utopias, dystopias et post-apocalyptic spectacles" et the international line-up consisted of artists from nations including Brazil, southern Africa, Spain and Belgium.

Among the nom est tickets: french superstar directeurbell Huppert in Chekhov"s The Cherry Orchard, directed by Portugal"s Tiago Rodrigues.

Also on the programme: christiane Jatahy’s production Entre chiens et Loup (Between Dog and Wolf), collection in Jatahy"s native Brazil and very loose based on arish von Trier’s 2003 film, Dogville.Kingdomwas auto third installment of a dystopian trilogy indigenous Belgium"s Anne-Cécile Vandalem. Omar sy (from the hit Netflix séries Lupin), fabrice Luchini and Sandrine Bonnaire were current too.

From September 2022 the dur will have a nouveau Director, Portugal"s Tiago Rodrigues, that runs the denchères Theatre in Lisbon. Cette has brought several productions to Avignon in recent years including this year"s The Cherry Orchard.

Since 2014 thé current Director de the festival has to be the flamboyant actor-director-playwright-musician Olivier Py. It"s the first time thé post has actually been held by année artist since jeans Vilar, the founder de the festival, that ran ce from 1947 venir 1971.

Py was previously sacked from a effective tenure at auto Théâtre ns l"Odéon in Paris, amid part controversy. A convert à Catholicism et openly gay, hey took over auto directorship in Avignon indigenous Hortense Archambault and Vincent Baudriller.

Pictured, Py has asserted that cette wants a politically engaged festival, et he has definitely done that. Like auto organisers du the festival d"Aix classical musique festival, he has likewise been determined venir make his lémission accessible and to defend ce against accusations of elitism.

To the end, hey lays nous a num of cost-free events et emphasises emerging talenz alongside renowned names.

Some fabrication are staged outside thé walled city - thé old town that most tourists think of ont Avignon - in working-class suburban areas. Py additionally aims venir attract more jeune audiences through a popular nouveau children"s strand.

Another plan is to inviter fewer productions but to operation them à la more performances so that more toutes les personnes can view them.

Blocks du seats space held ago for dollar during the festival, so that if you venir half-way with July elle won"t uncover everything marketed out.

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The 2020 dur was to oui featured 45 productions from 25 various countries, with auto overall themes du Desire and Death, inspired de the Greek god Eros and Thanatos.

Pictured: auto courtyard at thé Palais des Papes, thé Festival"s flagship venue.

Here are the highlights du the planned programme. The opening night was à be a danser piece by the Greek choreographer Dimitris Papaioannou.

Jean Bellorini had actually a démontrer based conditions météorologiques the Orpheus myth. Divers top attractions were venir include productions par Belgium"s Ivo de Hove et a play de the legendary writer Jean-Claude carrière inspired de Japanese Noh theatre.

Also nous the programme: new danse pieces de the leading Spanish choreographers Angélica Liddell et Israel Galvan and a déditions of Othello passant par Lithuania"s Oskaras Korsunovas.


The main dur d"Avignon was founded in France"s heady post-war years passant par Vilar, v a opération of Shakespeare"s Richard II - a jouer then reasonably little-known in la france - in the courir d"Honneur, thé vast inner courtyard de the Palais des Papes.

Aiming to make cultistes more commonly accessible, Vilar acted ont the bien sur d"Avignon"s imaginative Director until his death in 1971. His work, et the history du the festival, are celebrated in a museum in Avignon, thé Maison jean Vilar.

Pictured: Juliette Binoche and Nicolas Bouchard in respectable Strindberg"s échouer Julie at the 2011 Avignon Festival.

Today the bien sur d"Avignon forms a quartet of de nombreux midsummer arts festivals in Provence together the bien sur d"Aix et the Chorégies d"Orange (opera et classical music) and the rencontré d"Arles (photography).

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Unlike the three différent festivals, Avignon suffers, de course, native the invalidité of language. Despite the city is in thé heart de one ns the most renowned regions in leurope  for English-speaking tourists, the bien sur d"Avignon has admettre in thé past à difficulties in attracting these.

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It has actually been attempting to lutte this par including a generosity component du visually-oriented events oui well ont by inviting English-speaking artists and providing année English-language newsletter et multi-lingual synopses à many de the productions.

Undoubtedly, auto spectacular setting de the courir d"Honneur, which deserve to accommodate 2000 spectators, is toujours the festival"s principal focus. But today cette spills over into several dozen divers venues toutes les personnes over - and around - thé walled city.

A rich mélanger of theatre, dance, comedy, film et mime, the fermé d"Avignon premieres many nouveau works and productions, a alors of which later aller on to tour nationally and internationally. About two-thirds of them room either français or internationale premieres.

Running roughly concurrently, thé Festival aux Off in Avignon was developed over 30 years ago. It"s one of the largest independent theatre festival in thé world, comparer in size to the Edinburgh Fringe.

And it"s also année important showcase for independent theatre companies to secure denchères tours pour their new productions over the coming year.

Unlike the henchmen festival, i m sorry invites and subsidises a select handful de top-flight internationale companies, the éteindre is open venir anyone who deserve to fund and find a venue parce que le their production. Ce now attracts over 1500 suppliers each summer.

The Off bien sur kicks off with année opening procession with the central of Avignon. In auto following weeks, auto visiting actors stage their shows and spectacles anywhere they can: churches, schools, shops, museums, open-air cloisters and not least auto streets.

These venir are dotted all over town and there"s been an increasing essayer to reach out to thé outlying suburbs, though the heart de the off remains around auto picturesque boulevard des Teinturiers.

In this area tu can additionally find the super air-conditioned circus tent which acts as the headquarters ns Avignon"s la fin Festival.

Here you can to buy tickets, comprendre a copy de the programme, attendre debates, hear to habitent music in the early evening and, most importantly, hang the end in the festival bar.


In an effort à attract younger audiences, thé main fermé has a bargain ticket pour spectators under 26. Called auto abonnement 4/40, it allows you à see four shows for 40€ (and you can to buy a seconde 4/40 ticket si you"re planning venir see a de nombreux of theatre).

The Off festival has its own season billet (carte d"abonnement) i beg your pardon is available venir everyone, prices 16€ in 2019 and gives tu a 30 per des centaines discount on ticket prices, plus further discounts conditions météorologiques museums et monuments in Avignon and Villeneuve lès Avignon et other vue de voir such oui the little tourist train.

The main dur d"Avignon is based at auto Cloître Saint-Louis, a 17th century monastery converted into a hotel, pictured left. Cloître terne Louis, 20 rue aux Portail Boquier, 84000 Avignon. Website pour the dur d"Avignon

The ticket bureau opens at auto festival central in at an early stage / mid June and internet et phone bookings open shortly after that (tel +33 4 90 14 14 14). If you space in France, Belgium or Switzerland, tu can buy tickets for the bien sur d"Avignon at thé chain of FNAC music et book stores.

During the festival itself, ticket are additionally on sale at auto official shop on the place aux l"Horloge.

The Festival aux Off is based at École Thiers, 1 rue principale des Écoles, 84000 Avignon. Tickets room on badiner at auto Avignon Tourist office (41 opération Jean-Jaurès), at the mairie (Town Hall) conditions météorologiques the place ns l"Horloge, at "Le point OFF" at 24 rue Saint michel or via thé Off dur website.

Click here for our full instruire to the best places venir eat in Avignon, from Michelin-starred gastronomic restaurants to great-value informal brasseries. Pictured: thé very popular carré des corporelle Saints at thé height de the festival.

Accommodation is at année absolute premium, especially si you room planning à be in Avignon nous or approximately Bastille work (14 July), which is a denchères holiday in France.

Hotel prices deserve to soar de up to a third during July et often become even an ext expensive 보다 Paris. Be sure to pre-book a room. Nous speak from experience! AirBnB is always an option too, of course..

It is precious considering staying just outside the walled city, nous the very taille Barthelasse island (which has actually several campsites) in auto middle du the Rhône river.

Alternatively, nearby Villeneuve lès Avignon is within walking distance et has a regular autobus service. Click here pour more suggestions for where à stay in Avignon.

If elle read French, try auto Off fermé site"s French-language page du classified ads, which includes offers of accommodation.

And si you are unwise enough to venir without a reservation, auto Tourist bureau maintains a tous les jours list of available vacancies for you à try your opportunités on thé spot.

Finally, car drivers should note that much of the walled inner ville is pedestrianised for the duration ns the two festivals.

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Police oui cracked down conditions météorologiques wild parking bai with hefty fines and a trip venir the car pound. You have been warned! Click here à read about driving in Avignon et the city"s parcs relais (out-of-centre car-parks).