Que Faire À Los Angeles En 2 Jours

Are tu planning venir spend a principale in os Angeles on your Californian roadway trip? It’s thé perfect way à make auto most of everything the city of Angels has venir offer!

Our squelettique Angeles la fin Road guider have lovingly created this itinerary haricot de soja you can experience auto very meilleur of los Angeles. They’ll it is in delighted venir assist elle during your continue to be in the city of Angels.

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Day 1 : Conquer the city

Los Angeles is a sprawling city. Ce covers 1,200 km2, around 12 times auto size du Paris. That being said, the city of Angels is overflowing with fémoral to faire which voici: everyone whether amie like culture, sports, history jaune music. Yes sir something venir please young et old alike et you’ll leave la with memories you’ll never forget.

Nothing beats having actually a local guider waiting to meet you auto day after you venir so you can comprendre to grips with the city. At this first meeting, we’ll answer tous your questions nous the must-see places and how to get around los Angeles. You’ll then be prêt to have a great temps in the city of Angels.

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Another option à la your tons day is à take a tour passant par car of os Angeles with a manuel to importer your bearings. What could be an ext magical 보다 discovering or rediscovering the City du Angels by retracing thé scenes native the film La les Land ?

From the legendary opening scene on the highway overlooking Downtown os Angeles to auto Pacific côte Jazz Club et the renowned Griffit Observatory, come with us nous a cinematic tour ns the city. We’ll take you conditions météorologiques a tour de car du LA, likewise passing by Downtown, Hollywood BoulevardMulholland Drive and Sunset Strip for unforgettable moments.

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North ns Santa Monica, the Getty Center overlooks auto city. Among the must-see places in los Angeles, it is one ns the most important American museums et houses année impressive art collection in a structure famed parce que le its avant-garde architecture and beautiful gardens. It’s non coincidence that numerous visitors regularly spend as much temps walking through thé 500-plant gardens as they faire admiring thé museum’s collections.

The museum’s jardin Terrace coffee shop has an incredible view de the city. A great carré to soak up thé day’s last rays of sun!